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The World’s First VR experience that gives you everything you need for the classroom!

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                 Improve Understanding and Knowledge Retention!

ClassVR is a complete VR and AR system bringing affordable, innovative Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality to the classroom.  It comes complete with hardware, software and curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, equipping teachers with everything they need to introduce this cutting-edge technology straight into the classroom.

ClassVR will inspire your students with an engaging, immersive experience they won’t forget and will help improve their understanding and knowledge retention.

it comes complete with hardware, software & curriculum-aligned lesson plans!
  • Fully Integrated VR Headsets –  ClassVR’s headset is an all-in-one, classroom-ready device, delivering a fully immersive VR experience under the teachers’ control.
  • Classroom Controls – The ClassVR portal is a simple way to discover and deliver engaging VR content and lessons.
  • Secure Charging & Storage –   A Classroom Set of eight headsets come complete with a toughened storage case to keep them charged and safe when they are not in use.
  • Curriculum Aligned Lesson Plans – Structured lesson plans and highly engaging curriculum-aligned resources help spark the imagination of students to greatly improve knowledge retention.
Classvr portal

Amazing Content, Engaging Lessons and Simple Classroom Controls

Using technology in a busy classroom isn’t always as easy as it should be.  The ClassVR Portal provides the simple-to-use tools needed to ensure this affordable, engaging and immersive technology can deliver an exciting and reliable experience for you and your students.  See what’s included below:

  • Hundreds of VR Experiences & Lesson Plans
  • Augmented Reality and 3D Models
  • Real-Time Classroom & Device Controls
  • Build & Save Your Own Lessons
  • Sequence & Deliver Experiences Simultaneously
  • Monitor and View Student Activity
  • Create and Upload Your Own Content
  • Great Partner Content

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