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Learning through experience can boost knowledge retention by up to 75%.

Increase your students’ ability to retain knowledge by immersing them into exciting experiences they’ll never forget.

We only remember 10% of what we read, but can retain 90% of what we experience.

Improve students’ interaction within the classroom by incorporating visula stimuli with ClassVR’s virtual experiences.

VR can improve student attainment increasing exam results by up to 20%.

ClassVR comes complete with all the tools you need to deliver curriculum-aligned VR lessons to boost your students’ learning.  


A revolutionary VR learning environment providing a safe and secure K12  ‘metaverse’

Eduverse allows schools to harness the power of the metaverse, providing engaging & collaborative virtual spaces for students to learn – all from a safe and teacher-controlled environment!  What’s more, Eduverse is accessible from any device, making the impossible a reality for all students!  

Also Announcing Expeditions Powered by EDUVERSE

Your ultimate world adventure starts in the classroom

Experience famous landmarks, visit cities or experience different cultures around the world with our latest classroom VR solution, Expeditions.  Powered by Eduverse, Expeditions offers teachers a unique VR experience that takes students on virtual reality tours around the globe!

Do you have Google Expeditions Kits You Can No Longer Use?  Use Eduverse Expeditions For FREE Instead!


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ClassVR comes complete with everything teachers need to improve student engagement and introduce virtual reality into the classroom

Includes Everything You Need for the Classroom!

Pedagogically Sound VR Content, Engaging Lessons and Simple Classroom Controls

                    • Fully Integrated VR Headsets

                    • Headset Management

                    • State-aligned Content

                    • Secure Charging & Storage

                    • Includes New Hand Controller

                    • Available in Sets of 8 & 30 Headsets

ClassVR Portal

The ClassVR Portal includes access to thousands of engaging VR & AR resources that supports your pedagogy.

ClassVR is an open platform, supporting virtual and augmented curriculum content, as well as allowing students and teachers to create, upload and share their own content, creating a collaborative community of global educational resources.  Teachers can add value to every lesson with a wide array of subject specific resources and even create, upload and share their own content and contribute to creating a community of global educational resources with other ClassVR users. 

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Just Added!  Inclusive Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality for the Classroom just got better!  ClassVR just introduced a New collection of resources specifically designed to support students with special educational needs.

Scenes designed to support
            • Calm Down and Relax
            • Attention and Focus
            • Physical Experiences Simulated
            • Neurotypical Empowerment
            • Social Situations
            • Life Skills
            • Sensory Experiences
Simple and Easy to use for Students & Teachers

Sessions controlled & monitored by the teacher

Getting students engaged in the classroom can be a real challenge, let alone doing it remotely on a video call!  VRroom is a  FREE social engagement tool, designed to get students communicating and interacting, all in safe and exciting virtual space right in a web browser!

Unlike video conferencing tools, VRroom siumulates a sense of human connection through collaborative VR technology and fun avatars, called “VRroomies”, helping students feel physically present, addressing social isolation and improving their mental health and well-being.  

Check Out VRroom on this Video

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