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Connecting students with concepts in virtual reality

Veative STEM VR modules enrich education by increasing learner involvement, focus, and overall academic performance.  Too often lost in the VR classroom are the needs of the teacher.  But not with Veative.  As teachers ourselves, we know the importance of connecting teachers to students and we achieve this through reports and analytics.  This is a vital component of the VR classroom because it furthers the idea of learner agency and independence, while making teacher-time more efficient and valuable.

Over 500 interactive VR Learning Modules for Science and mathematics Certified Alignment to National & State Standards

Accessible Anywhere - From Home or at School

Classroom & Content Management

Standards Alignment

Reports & Analytics

  • Virtual reality instructional content for middle and high school science and mathematics

  • Formative assessment data and analytics tool for differentiating instruction and tracking student progress toward mastery

  • Empowers students to take ownership of their learning

  • Deepens connections to complex concepts through realistic experiences

  • Provides learning opportunities that would otherwise be impossible

  • Each module consists of learning objectives, concept overview or investigation, and assessment

  • Content is preloaded on Veative’s EduPro headset


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