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Welcome to the Revamped Virtual Learning Resource Page. Resources will continue to be added as they become available from our partners.  Please continue to visit this resource. 

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Swivl FREE Offer

Promethean Mobile Learning Guide

Microsoft  Newsletter – Working and Learning Remotely; 

Daily Updated Microsoft Resources for Remote Learning 

3/17.  New Microsoft Free Offers.  Scroll to MS Section.

3/23.  Added New Resources, ThingLink & Microsoft. 

PowerUpEDU extends our heartfelt desire to assist educators in a continuing effort of #makingadifference in the lives of our students amid difficult times.  The solutions provided here are part of our daily portfolio, and are especially relevant to schools and districts making decisions to continue their semesters virtually. Scroll below to learn more about each solution, or contact PowerUpEDU.  Our Education Consultants are former classroom educators.  888.517.3824, ext. 1 or sales@powerupedu.com

Spiral Student Engagement Platform

Take communication and collaboration beyond the walls of your classroom with high-impact learning experiences in Spiral!  Spiral, the complete 1:1 learning platform, allows students to engage in authentic learning and collaboration during times of distance or virtual learning with  4 applications, that can now be accessed for free!  Through the applications, Quickfire, Discuss, Team Up, and Clip, teachers can facilitate formative and summative assessment, collaborative performance taskes, problem-based learning projects, interactive discussions, and video-based learning all within one platform.  With access to real-time data, teachers can keep a pulse on student learning from any web-enabled device.  The Google Classroom integration makes this a seamless platform for enhancing distance/virtual learning for K-12 teachers!

Complimentary Offer!

How Spiral works with a remote classroom.

Start any video call including Hangouts, MS teams or any other video conferencing tool.

  • Students log-in from home to go spiral using a phone or another browser and connect using a simple class code.

  • Your screen acts like the class whiteboard where students can collectively post their responses.

  • You can quickly see, assess and share responses so the students feel connected to their classmates, even though they are located remotely.

Click HERE for Video Resources on Each Amazing Spiral Lesson Activitiy.

Click HERE to Learn More & DownLoad the Spiral Flyer (PDF)


Mircrosoft Teams - Manage Remote Learning

Do you use Office 365?  Let PowerUpEDU show you how to use Teams as a remote/distance learning solution to assist you in delivering your lessons, staff meetings and much more!

To assist educators and customers, Microsoft is providing virtual professional development for Teams introductions/trainings.  Here are three self-guided options that will enable you and your school or district to gain the most from Teams. Click on the link below to access the courses.

For information on a customized virtual training class on a Microsoft Distance Learning Solution, please click HERE to complete and submit this form.  

3/17.  Microsoft’s Response to education Institutions; New, Extended Free Trials for EDU Customers

  1. Office 365 A1 – Free versions to all educaitonal institutions

  2. Microsoft Teams for Free

  3. Minecraft:  Education Edition and resources to support remote learning.  Extended access to Minecraft:  Education Edition to all free and paid O365 Education accounts through end of June 2020.

Click HERE For Complete Details on these 3 New offers.

Click HERE for Today’s Microsoft Tips & Resources

Microsoft March Newsletter.   Section on Working and Learning Remotely

Click HERE for a Daily Updated List of Microsoft Tips & Resources

Click HERE to download A Teams For Education Quick Guide.

Swivl Video - Broadcast Lessons Remotely

Are you looking to enhance the remote or distance learning experience of your students with live instructional videos, lessons, or tutorials?  With Swivl you can share real-time video remotely with students, colleagues, or with the world.  Make a video call from your location and broadcast your lesson to students live.  It’s easy, just connect to Swivl and use the Zoom app to setup the video call.

Learn more about Swivl by checking out the free webinars by clicking HERE.  And, if you would like additional information about Swivl or how it might be leveraged to support your teachers and students, please reach out to PowerUpEDU at 888.517.3824, ext. 1 or sales@powerupedu.com.

Complimentary Offer!

Today, through June 2020, receive FREE Access to Swivl Pro!  In addition to supporting students with live instructional videos, lessons, and tutorials, receive access to screencasting features and embedding options to enhance the learning experience of all students.   

Email Swivl to request the FREE Upgrade.

Don’t have Swivl?  Contact PowerUpEDU 888.517.3824, ext. 1 or sales@powerupedu.com

Click HERE to Learn More About Swivl (Flyer – PDF)

Click HERE for More Info on Video Solutions & Distance Learning.


Promethean - Award-winning Lesson Delivery Software

Promthean’s lesson delivery software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, drives student engagement and brings lessons to life in both classroom and mobile environments.  Please utilize the guide below to provide you tool tips and best practices to help you connect and engage with your students through a mobile learning environment.  

Click HERE to learn more in the Promethean Mobile Learning Guide. 

ThingLink - Augment Audio-Video Learning Experiences

Looking for a powerful resource for remotely teaching your students using images, videos, and virtual tours?  Check out ThingLink!  This educational technology platform allows teachers and students to create audio-visual learning material that is accessible in an integrated reading tool.  Join over 4 million teachers and students that are using ThingLink to engage in high impact learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Learn more about ThingLink for Distance Learning by checking out these links: