A research-based program to maximize learning in virtual environments through the empowerment of all stakeholders.

PowerUpEDU features a research-based, pedagogically-sound Virtual Learning Environments Professional Learning Program designed for district-wide deployment.  This program has been collaboratively developed by subject-matter experts, classroom teachers, district leaders, and professional learning specialists to empower and equip all stakeholders to be successful in situations of remote and distance learning.  

By partnering with PowerUpEDU to build capacity in your district’s virtual learning practices, you are joining forces with an organization committed to ensuring that every participant in the education process has equitable access to high-quality, dynamic learning experiences in virtual learning environments. 

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VLE Professional Learning Program 5 Steps

  • Assessing Need and Customizing Learning Program.  The PowerUpEDU Professional Learning Team will meet with district leaders to assess current digital learning status, conduct needs assessment, and develop customized plan for program implementation.

  • Launching Virtual Learning Environments.  PowerUpEDU will deliver live professional learning sessions focused on empowering teachers to leverage digital platforms for remote learning, to apply best practices in distance learning, and to begin a practical approach to implementation.

  • Virtual Classrooms as Learning Communities.  The second phase of live professional learning will focus on cultivating student-focused learning communities in virtual learning environments.

  • Enriching Virtual Practices.  In this live session, teachers and leaders will explore ways to enhance formative and summative assessment in virtual environments, will learn how to effectively deliver digital feedback, and will explore how to differentiate instruction virtually.

  • Assess Progress and Refine Plan.  In this stage of program implementation, program data, usage reports, user voice, and stakeholder feedback will be analyzed to assess progress and to develop a plan for continuation of learning services.  

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