Create Visual Experiences
For Student-Centered Learning

ThingLInk is a visual learning solution for classroom and remote learning.  use it to bring images, video and 360 degree virtual tours to life with further information, voice and text notes, as well as other resources from the web. 

Students can use it to document projects and assignments at home.  ThingLink promotes accessibility and inclusion with the built-in accessibility tool Immersive Reader.  It helps students become fluent in expressing themselves using multiple forms of media, not only text but also images, videos and their own voice.  


ThingLink Education Technology makes it easy to enhance images, videos and virtual tours with information and links.  Teachers can use this solution to create accessible visual learning materials that students can explore at their own pace.  Students can document their learning across subject areas. 

ThingLink for Education

  • An easy and efficient way for students to document their learning process using multiple forms of media

  • Virtual tours help develop contextual understanding in real-world environments and situations

  • Supports vocabulary building and students with special needs by combining visual, auditive and textual feedback with immersive reader integration.

ThingLink for Distance Learning

  • Supports learning inside and outside the classroom

  • ThingLink editor is fully supported in Microsoft Teams

  • Easy onboarding via Office 365 and Microsoft logins

  • Direct sharing to Microsoft Assignments and Channels