"Shift the Paradigm" with PowerUpEDU

PowerUpEDU, in partnership with visionary district and school leadership, is transforming educational spaces into amazing learning environments equipped with highly functional furnishings, new technology, and a strong pedagogical approach that support Active and Innovative Learning.

The new learning environments empower teachers and students for a transition to a non-linear transfer of information, “shifting the paradigm”, allowing for a natural flow of information where students build their own knowledge.

Are You Ready for a Transformation?

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Bartow County School System (GA)

The visionary leadership from Bartow County in north Georgia sought to transform their schools’ Media Centers.  Through a collaborative and supportive partnership with PowerUpEDU, Bartow has indeed not only physically transformed its media centers with paint and carpet, but they’ve thoughtfully and purposefully implemented a plan for a new way of learning.  This plan creates new learning zones to empower students and teachers through the integration of highly functional furnishings, interactive STEM technology, curriculum and professional learning.  

See Before & After Pictures from Red Top Middle School

Transforming the Physical Space

Watch PowerUpEDU in Action at Adairsville Middle School

Transformational STEM Power

See STEM in Action at Adairsville Elementary School