PowerUpEDU aspires to positively impact student achievement through the use of technology and training in the classroom.  In partnership with administrators and educators, PowerUpEDU is helping  bridge the gap between technology and instruction.  Partnership is something we take very seriously.  Please continue to visit this page and see why PowerUpEDU is THE choice for “Making a Difference” for classrooms in the southeast.

Active Learning

Fred Hoffman, Fairview Elementary School IPG Coach, 6/27/2023

Fred offers a testimonial of the benefits and numerous applications it has provided Fairview Elementary students, teachers & community since its implementation by PowerUpEDU.

“Fairview Elementary was able to utilize our Lu for Physical Education enhancements with the interactive applications, for Math End-of-Grade Testing remediation using Lu+ applications, for community events that needed to project Microsoft Powerpoint presentations using screenshare (1st Grade Career Fair, Kinder/5th Grade Graduation Parties), and for the creation of a relaxing environment for car-riders with 4K ecosystem videos on YouTube during daily afternoon dismissal in year one. Fairview is preparing throughout the summer to continue impacting our scholars, staff and community with the Lu by completing our beginning of the year professional development for teachers in the gym, integrating grade level math, reading and science cross-curricular activities during physical education instruction, initiating family movie nights strategically to enhance relationship building, and allowing classroom teachers access during SOAR time to provide additional End-of-Grade testing remediation. As listed in these first two sentences, the Lu has and is providing so many additional ways to provide instruction to our scholars, provide staff a means to differentiate instruction, and opportunities to connect with our community in new ways. The Lu was and is a critical addition to Fairview Elementary academically, culturally and socially/emotionally to support our continued commitment to integrity, teamwork and excellence. We cannot wait to begin year two with the Lu!

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Mark Beheler, Boiling Springs Elementary School PE Teacher.

Mark provides a testimonial of the numerous uses and benefits of the Interactive Playground since its implementation at Boiling Springs.
  • “content is second to none; excellent connection with students”.
  • Having customized the Lu apps to meet Student Learning Objectives, they’ve “raised the success rate on SLO scores from 74% to 91%”.
  • They utilize the Playground in “Behavior Intervention” with students receiving extra time on the Playground as an incentive.
  • Customization of the Interactive Playground Apps to reinforce other academic objectives:
    • Incorporate spelling words from the classroom teacher into the Mineword application per grade level.
    • Incorporate math lessons from the classroom teacher into the Newton application per grade level.
    • Customize the Puzi App with students’ pictures
  • Use Target application to develop motor skills
  • BIG impact with Students with Special Needs.  A student with Downs Syndrome loves target and basketball applications.  She is more engaged and has shown improvement in other subjects as a result of her success on the Interactive Playground.
  • Greater and more enthusiastic participation among all PE students.

Watch the Video from Boiling Springs below!

Lake Forest Hills Elementary School Implements the Lü Interactive Playground

February 2, 2023 Excerpts from the Augusta Good News

Lake Forest Hills Elementary School (Richmond County, GA) has invested in “a new brand of technology that helps Wendy Boling monitor attendance, gauge her students’ wellbeing and combine movement activities with a variety of academic subjects.  The physical education teacher demonstrated the Lu Interactive Playground for Richmond County School District officials on Feb 2nd.”

“Once the students had signed in, they demonstrated one of the 48 different games available on the system gear4ed toward fun, learning and movement.  Games can be tailored according to grade and activity level.”

“‘It met all the boxes of our school improvement plan – the academic goals as well asl(social and emotional learning)goals,’ said Lisa Hughey, principal.”

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Educators Love the Interactive Playground

Kershaw Elementary, SC.  Open House and Live Demonstration of the Lu Interactive Playground.  The interactive playground combines academics, gaming & physical activity all in one solution.

Atlanta Public Schools Implement Active Learning

Fickett Elementary School, Principal Benita Grant talks the benefits of the ActiveFloor.

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Early Childhood Literacy

John Love Early Learning Center, Duval County Public Schools, FL

Sonya McSwain, Director, details PowerUpEDU’s fulfillment of her vision for the Imagination Room at John Love.

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The Connected Classroom

PowerUpEDU was the selected partner our of 17, for a district-wide classroom technology project in Georgia.  The Fayette County School District embarked upon the daunting task of implementing a Connected Classroom (9-component solution) into 1500 classrooms.  The project included the removal of legacy technology, installation of the 9 components, and delivery of coaching and training for all Fayette county educators.  Technology includes interactive flat panel displays, document cameras, audio systems, wireless keyboards, assessment software & wireless presentation systems.  PowerUpEDU collaborated with county leadership, managed all aspects of the project & completed a county-wide educator training.  The Fayette county project was completed under budget and a year ahead of schedule.

Want to learn more about the Connected Classroom?  Contact PowerUpEDU, who will consult with the administration and  technology staff to build a customized solution to meet both technology and budgetary needs.

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