PowerUpEDU aspires to positively impact student achievement through the use of technology and training in the classroom.  In partnership with administrators and educators, PowerUpEDU is helping  bridge the gap between technology and instruction.  Partnership is something we take very seriously.  Please continue to visit this page and see why PowerUpEDU is THE choice in Connected Education Solution Providers for schools in the southeast.

PowerUpEDU was the selected partner our of 17, for a district-wide classroom technology project in Georgia.  The Fayette County School District embarked upon the daunting task of implementing a Connected Classroom (9-component solution) into 1500 classrooms.  The project included the removal of legacy technology, installation of the 9 components, and delivery of coaching and training for all Fayette county educators.  Technology includes interactive flat panel displays, document cameras, audio systems, wireless keyboards, assessment software & wireless presentation systems.  PowerUpEDU collaborated with county leadership, managed all aspects of the project & completed a county-wide educator training.  The Fayette county project was completed under budget and a year ahead of schedule.

Want to learn more about the Connected Classroom?  Contact PowerUpEDU, who will consult with the administration and  technology staff to build a customized solution to meet both technology and budgetary needs.

Video in the Classroom

Learn about the uses of video in the classroom from this NC Instructional Technologist.

Educators Love the Interactive Playground

Kershaw Elementary, SC.  Open House and Live Demonstration of the Lu Interactive Playground.  The interactive playground combines academics, gaming & physical activity all in one solution.