EPICUS-TS Facial Recognition Tablet




Time, Attendance and Contact Tracing Made Easy


Safe No Contact

Accurate +/-0.6º

Fast – 300 ms per person     

Range – Up To 5 ft               

Whole Face Thermal Imaging 

Walking Pace – no need to stop


Automatically Detects High Body Temperature

Quickly Screens Passing Students and Staff Body Temperature with Visual and Audio Alerts for Abnormal Body Temperature Allowing Staff to Be Selective with More In-Depth Screening.

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Automatically identify and log each student and staff member while in motion as they enter the building or classroom.


Like a smartphone, the Epicus tablet kiosk software uses artificial intelligence with a powerful neural processor unit and front-facing wide binocular camera to process each face in 300 ms, creating a unique record for each person.

Handsfree Plug and Play Temperature Scanning


The thermographic imaging application pre-screens and records whole face temperatures before individuals enter high density areas.  Abnormal readings trigger audible, visual and even text alerts for staff to exercise medical screening protocols according to state or district guidelines.

Easy attendance and contact reports at the local and district level.

Stored attendance, photo, temperature and contact reports are accessible directly from the tablet as needed, or setup advanced features using the Epicus tablet management console.  Create district and school reports from multiple sites,  email and sms alerts, visitor tracking and building access.

TempScan Mounting Options

Choose from a variety of options, including desk mount, mobile AV Cart, Floor Stand, tilt mount & more; allowing for use in multiple areas of the school building.

Tech Specs:

  • Plug and Play (No Set Up Required)
  • 9″ tablet
  • 120 x 90 (10800 thermal px panel array) high frame rate thermal imaging sensors for a larger detection area
  • Ultra wide dynamic binocular camera
  • Network (RJ45) or standalone.  Optional face recognition access control integration
  • Secure, no personal identifiable data
  • Windows management

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