Swivl Basics for Beginners: For anyone who is new to Swivl or needs a refresher on the basics, this course will take you through the entire Swivl ecosystem (including the Swivl app and robot) and get you on track for success with capturing video. This course covers:


  • Downloading the Swivl app and explaining the settings.
  • Capturing video and uploading to Swivl cloud
  • A tour of Swivl cloud, navigating the library and Feed.
  • Viewing/editing and exporting videos
  • Options for sharing videos.
  • How to set up the Swivl robot and markers.

Swivl for Advanced Users: For anyone who has already been using Swivl or who attended the Beginner Basics training, PowerUpEDU will take you through some advanced features of the Swivl ecosystem (including the Swivl app and robot) and turn you into a Swivl pro! This course covers:

  • Cloud settings: video editing, sharing, commenting, and analytics
  • App settings: Tilting, Tracking, Multi marking pairing and capture
  • Adding media and slides
  • Multi-camera recording and Swivl Live features
  • Setting up and sharing within groups
  • Which Cloud account to use?  Swivl Team account features
  • Best practices for instructional use

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