A Career in Technology is not Linear, It’s About Exploration and Discovery.

Curriculum Pathways to Careers!  Specializing in science, technology and career-based programs, this curriculum is designed to Propel Students into the workforce quickly and affordably.

The Career Pathways Curriculum is purposefully designed to build an engineering mindset while developing the soft skills employers value.  Collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking are inherent in every project.  These STEM kits allow teachers to assume the role of context expert rather than content expert, minimizing their training time.  It isn’t emerging technology if it existed before you were born.  The technical skills necessary to succeed in the kits come naturally to our young learners.

The Curriculum Pathways STEM kits equip classrooms with tools and resources that inspire creativity — 3-D printers and drones; block and text-based coding tools; robots and cybersecurity simulations.  The lessons are so robust and well designed that the teacher, who may not have experience, can comfortably learn as they guide their students.

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Career Pathways ~ A K-12 Progression


Artificial Intelligence




Data Science


Engineering Design Process

Mobile Development


Did You Know??? The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, projected more than 100,000 new jobs in unmanned aircraft by 2025.

Drone Curriculum: Level I, II, III & IV (k-12 Progression)


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, projected more than 1000,000 new jobs in unmanned aircraft by 2025.

Growing Drone Pilots ~ K-12 Progression

The Career Pathways Drone Curriculum is a model for incorporating the engineering process in the K-12 classroom and accelerating the path to employment for students who choose drones as a career.  Students start with an introduction to aviation in Kindergarten and transition to physics of flight and flight skills in middle school.

Students may choose elective courses in the Junior and Senior year to enroll in a drone course where students learn the engineering behind a Drone, as well as earn their certification.  The certification will make the students employable as they leave high school.

Curriculum Kits Available:
Level I - Grades K-2
Level II - Grades 3-5
Level III - Grades 6-12

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