PowerUpEDU is offering a FREE STEM Analysis and Consultation to assist you and your school or district in identifying and creating a plan to meet your STEM Initiatives.

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PowerUpEDU partners with schools and districts to evaluate or establish a vision for STEM/STEAM

  • PowerUpEDU partners with schools and districts to evaluate or establish a vision for STEM/STEAM and a customized blue print to guide progress toward that vision.

  • PowerUpEDU conducts the STEM/STEAM evaluation forcused on the engagement of three groups of strategic stakeholders:  teachers and leaders, students, and the community.

  • Through the STEM Analysis/Evaluation, PowerUpEDU seeks to empower schools and districts to transform practice, making STEM/STEAM a daily element of engaged learning rather than an isolated experience.

Let us assess your current STEM plan and technology to determine what is needed to achieve your goals. 

If you impact your school or district’s STEM decisions and have questions about your future STEM strategy, then consider scheduling some time with a  PowerUpEDU STEM expert whose extensive background and experience provide the perfect balance of high-level Instructional expertise with a broad knowledge base of technology and curriculum  to achieve optimal results in the classroom. 

Allow PowerUpEDU to help fill the gaps in your current STEM journey! 

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Both Virtual and Face-to-Face consultations are available.  

Might you benefit from a FREE STEM Analysis Consultation?

  • Do you chart the STEM/STEAM program for your school or district?

  • Are your STEM Labs everything you want them to be?

  • Are you looking for STEM solutions that are proven successful in the classroom?

  • Are you considering new or innovative STEM solutions, but aren’t sure which ones are the best fit?

  • Are you looking for more than a STEM lab?  Perhaps integrated STEM instruction in your daily classroom curriculum?

Both Virtual and Face-to-Face Consultations are Available.

Meet Your PowerUpEDU STEM Consultant


Maggie is an innovative educator from the Atlanta area with a passion for dynamic teaching and learning.  Maggie brings an out-of-the-box, fun and meaningful approach to all professional learning and ensures that learning opportunities are maximized through collaboration, exploration, and engagement.

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