Coaching, Observation, Flipped Learning, Lesson Sharing & much more is possible using video in the classroom!

Video is just as important to the game of football as the pigskins they play with.  In preparation for a coming game, teams painstakingly review a high-definition recording of their last game:  analyzing ball delivery, protection, and play calling.  With a fresh perspective, players adjust their performance in the next game for better results.  In a similar fashion, video and the recording of lessons can provide teachers the tools to do the same for every class period.  The flipped classroom is a digital learning platform designed to help teachers evaluate performance, engagement and content.

Teachers record, store and share lessons to make delivery more effective, discussions more collaborative and student interaction more engaging.  The result?  Student and teacher success.

Transforming education today requires that students and teachers are fully engaged in what’s next.  And, what’s next is a digital learning platform that helps teachers innovate.  Transforming instruction to be more collaborative and effective.  Modernizing the approach to utilize every tool available.  we’ve utilized technology to reach students.  Now, we’re relying on technology to help teachers be the best they can be in every way.

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