For Optimal Instruction in Any Learning Environment

PowerUpEDU creates collaborative learning environments that engage students, empower teachers and effectively bridge the gap between teaching and technology.

PowerUpEDU focuses on five core practices, offering a robust selection of solutions consisting of cutting-edge interactive technology, curriculum and professional learning.  Additionally, PowerUpEDU provides the consultative resources, technical services and ongoing support to make your technology implementation efficient ad cost-effective.  

PowerUpEDU's Five Core Practices

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PowerUpEDU offers a wide variety of educational technology solutions & professional learning.  We also offer customized & personalized solutions that integrate with your existing, legacy technology. 

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Products for the Classroom

PowerUpEDU offers a full line of technical and professional services with a team of certified engineers and trained technicians.  

Keenly aware of the strain on educational budgets, PowerUpEDU has developed cost-effective Professional Service options for cost-conscious educators seeking to obtain an optimum return on their EdTech investments.

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Professional Services