Who’s it for?

Early readers and STEM programs in Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms.

Also, great fun for Media Centers!

What is Rugs alive?

Rugs alive is a colorful and durable interactive classroom rug that springs to life with the Rugs alive™ mobile app.  Each of our 26 zoo animals come alive when matched with its correct Habitat Card and scanned with the app.  Students can walk around and explore the animals while on the rug, and can also carry the animals around in their hand with a Magical Zoo Coin!  

These rugs can be utilzed for increasing student collaboration, building relationships, and effective communication as well as early concepts of STEM and problem solving.

Great for whole group and center time activities!

Rugs alive Large Oval

12′ x 7’6″ Floor Rug

FREE mobile app

Seats up to 20 Kindergarten kids

Rugs alive Small Rectangle

9′ x 6′ Floor Rug

FREE mobile app

Seats up to 16 Kindergarten Kids

Rugs alive Large Rectangle

12′ x 7’6″ Floor Rug

FREE mobile app

Seats up to 26 Kindergarten Kids

NEW! Magical Zoo Coins - A FREE Resource with Rugs Alive!

With the NEW Magical Zoo Coins, Kids Can Hold Each Animal in THeir Hands!

Our classroom rugs are so much more than just brightly colored, durable rugs with letters and animals!  Each of our 26 zoo animals spring to life on the rug with our FREE Rugs alive mobile app.