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Boxlight/Mimio Resources

  • Video and document resources on the latest product & instructional information on Boxlight/Mimio technology.
  • Labdisc Lesson Plans

An extensive lesson library of activities ranging from elementary to high school and covering science areas for biology, chemistry, environmental, and physical science.

A Big Guide to STEM

  • Valuable Resource containing sources for STEM apps, software solutions, funding & much more!

Evie’s Mobile Learning Lab Resources

  • Website, video, and document resources, as referenced during  presentations aboard Evie, the PowerUpEDU Mobile Learning Lab.

Media Resources

  • Video and Whitepaper resources on the latest in interactive technology for the classroom.

Our Customers

  • A list of some of the schools and districts who have been Powered Up.

Promethean Resources

  • Video and document resources on the latest product & instructional information on Promethean technology.

Video Coaching

  • Document Resource called Best Foot Forward Project, 2015:  A Toolkit for Fast-Forwarding Classroom Observations Using Video by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

Workshop Resources

  • Power Point resources include an overview of Making Science Relevant with STEM product, Labdisc, along with the results of two sample experiments.  Also included is a detailed overview of Flipping the Classroom with Swivl.