Promethean ActivPanel and ACG OPS Half Day $1250/Full Day $2250/Custom – Call
Step-by-step hands on instruction will guide participants through learning how to integrate their Promethean ActivPanel and ActivConnect G into daily classroom instruction. As part of this training session, learners will explore the new Promethean apps, including the Promethean whiteboard app and more, work with integrating existing classroom devices and master usage of Promethean hardware. Learners will be introduced to ClassFlow – a free, collaborative software for delivering interactive learning.

Using ClassFlow collaboratively and interactively Half Day $1250/Full Day $2250/Custom – Call
In our ClassFlow sessions attendees will be provided with an understanding of ClassFlow tools and capabilities, including lesson creation, delivery and assessment, the use of multimedia files, student badging, lesson and account personalization. Participants will be shown how they can quickly find relevant resources to fully engage students. They are provided with a foundation that allows the continuing learning of ClassFlow and its application in the classroom. Participants will learn how to move content to student devices and allow students to collaborate using the latest mobile and student response technology, facilitating a more connected classroom.

Promethean: Train the Trainer 6 hours | 3 day
This course is designed to prepare participants to deliver training for their interactive classrooms within their own school district and includes discussions of Best Practices of Professional Development and working with adult learners. This is a course pathway for educators who are experienced at teaching with Promethean ActivInspire instructional technology and have a passion for sharing the use of technology to improve teaching and learning. This three module hands-on program guides participants through instructional design and advanced technology integration while exploring modeling and presentation skills, using 3 key Promethean programs; ActivInspire, ClassFlow and the Promethean Whiteboard App.

Mastering ActivInspire (Courses from Beginner to Advanced) Half Day $1250/Full Day $2250/Custom – Call
Our courses are designed to give participants an understanding of the tools and capabilities of ActivInspire software, providing them with a foundation for continuing to build their knowledge of the software and its application in the classroom. At the completion of the class, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to use ActivInspire’s tools and the Shared Resource Library to construct interactive lessons. More advanced courses allow participants to incorporate a higher level of interactivity into their flipcharts and combine these skills to engage students in creative lessons. Participants will also be introduced to Promethean Marketplace for additional resources and support for creating lessons and understanding ActivInspire.


Click Here for YouTube Tutorials on all Promethean Solutions.


Spiral Courses

NEW!  PowerUp Classrooms with Spiral: The Complete 1:1 Learning Platform
Amplify learning in your classroom with Spiral, the complete 1:1 learning platform. This session will focus on how the four spiral platforms can transform any classroom into an interactive and highly engaging learning space.




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