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ClassFlow_small ClassFlow Overview: In this ClassFlow session attendees will be provided with an understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of ClassFlow, including lesson creation, delivery and assessment. Participants will be able to build their knowledge of the software and its application in the classroom.

ClassFlow workshop: In this ClassFlow workshop, teachers will create classes, build interactive lessons and assessments in a web browser, share lessons with other peers. Participants will learn how to move content to student devices and allow students to collaborate using the latest mobile and student response technology. We will demonstrate how ClassFlow helps teachers save time at the planning and setup stages of lesson development, and how it can also facilitate a more connected classroom. Teachers will have the opportunity to create their own lessons and to modify existing lessons in the ClassFlow community.

Promethean ActivInspire – ClassFlow Connect: ActivInspire 2.3 provides the integration of the basic tools and capabilities of ActivInspire and ClassFlow. The relationship between the two programs will be explained and tips and tricks provided for both. Participants in this course will receive step-by-step, hands-on instruction with integrated curriculum examples


  Beginner: Introduction to ActivInspire: This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the basic tools and capabilities of ActivInspire software, providing them with a foundation for continuing to build their knowledge of the software and its application in the classroom. At the completion of the class, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to use ActivInspire’s basic tools and the Shared Resource Library to construct interactive lessons. Participants will also be introduced to Promethean Planet for additional resources and support for creating lessons and understanding ActivInspire.

Intermediate: Core Essentials: This course is designed for those who know how to create flipcharts using the basic tools and would like to discover additional features and techniques to enhance flipchart lessons by creatively applying learned skills and techniques. This workshop also instructs how to incorporate existing digital media and teacher resources along with ActivInspire and much more.

Advanced: Beyond the Essentials: This course is designed for those who are ready to gain an understanding of the more advanced features and capabilities of ActivInspire software, providing them with a firm understanding in order to continue integrating its application in the classroom. Upon completion participants will be able to incorporate a higher level of interactivity into their flipcharts by using containers and restrictors, as well as embedding multimedia.


Promethean ActivInspire: Train the Trainer (6 hours | 3 day or 4 day) 

This course is designed to prepare participants to deliver training for their interactive classrooms within their own school district. The course includes discussions of Best Practices of Professional Development and working with adult learners.

Designed for:

  • District-level professional development staff
  • Experienced ActivInspire teachers responsible for training and/or coaching
  • District/building level staff responsible for professional development planning

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Provide Interactive hands-on practice and interaction in redelivery methods
  • Discussion of Best Practices for implementation of interactive whiteboards
  • Provide hints for teaching ActivInspire effectively
  • Provide troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Discussion of Best Practices of Professional Development
  • Plan and implement a Professional Development plan
  • Four day training includes a LRS component

NOTE: This class is not intended to teach ActivInspire skills, as it is expected that participants already have excellent working knowledge of the software. 


activtable-v2-with-activities-webInteractive Table

PowerUpEDU Interactive Table solution is a multi-user interactive surface designed to promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning. The intuitive touch interface allows up to six users at once to access a wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources. Small groups can work together to accomplish a single activity or work independently to contribute toward the completion of a group project.

Promethean’s ActivTable
Unlike most multi-touch technology tools, Promethean’s ActivTable has been designed specifically to help teachers quickly, easily and effectively foster collaborative classroom learning.

  • Navigate maps and roam the world’s oceans in geography, share virtual money in a math lesson or investigate creatures in science—the possibilities are endless.
  • Divide the class into groups and use the ActivTable as a learning center for targeted small group instruction and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Foster the development of communication, collaboration and group-led decision-making skills.

Promote inclusion for all, particularly children with special needs. ActivTable’s interface and activities facilitate peer learning and allow for differentiation, and this multi-touch table is wheelchair accessible.

All PowerUpEDU PD is customizable.  Just talk to an Education Consultant about your school’s needs!

See what PowerUpEDU Customers have to say!

Interactive White Board Training.  “Kim and I want to thank you and the crew for putting together an amazing presentation on the Promethean Board. We were impressed and excited at the prospect of sharing this information with our teachers.  Thanks so much for you care and attention to details –very professional and accommodating to beginning learners.”        Jon L. DeWaal, Director of Education

ActivTable Training.   Thank you so much for the today’s training. The teachers did not want to leave the math lab and the other teachers were excited to come in and see what we were learning. We truly enjoyed the training!  Tiffany and Natasha, Principals