A fully equipped teaching station to engage students in learning

The PowerGlass Classroom Studio is a new and highly engaging classroom presentation solution designed to dramatically improve and positively impact learning in remote, hybrid and in-person classroom environments.   Delivered as a complete, ready-to-use system, the PowerGlass Classroom Studio combines a transparent light board with build-in camera and software, integrated into a fully functional teaching station.  PowerGlass also serves as a unique presentation resource to dynamically enhance teacher presentations and professional learning opportunities.   

  • Your face and writing are in the same frame, delivering embodied learning that drives engagement.

  • Your body gestures and writing are larger than life on classroom screens, and crystal clear on distance learners’ laptops.

  • Every student, whether in-class or remote, feels a personal connection with the instructor.

The PowerGlass Classroom Studio is a fully integrated, ready-to-use Classroom Presentation Solution designed to dramatically improve learning in remote, hybrid and in-person classrooms.  PowerGlass is also a powerful teacher presentation resource and will facilitate more impactful professional learning.  

PowerGlass ~ A clear way to dramatically impact learning.  


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