Pilot Podium

Brand New!

Every Essential Classroom Technology at Your Fingertips!

Introducing the Pilot X!

The Fully Wireless & Battery Powered Digital Teaching Station!

No More Messy Cords and Cables.

  • Powerful Tablet Computer
    • 13.3 inch Multitouch Display
    • Includes ClassFusion software for lesson delivery & classroom management
  • 4K Interactive Casting
    • Two-way bi-directional multitouch for collaborative annotation.
    • No WiFi necessary
  • Fold-Out Document Camera
    • Record lessons, scan documents = all in 4K
    • Conveniently deploy the camera with the push of a button
  • Secure Tablet Bay
    • Keeps your tablet hidden behind a combination lock for overnight storage and charging
  • Magnetic Tablet Dock
    • Pull=out keyboard for a desktop experience
    • Dual batteries for all-day wireless teaching
  • Ergonomic Mobile Podium
    • Easily adjust height and tilt
    • Wheel it around the room and teach from anywhere

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Introducing the Newest Podium — Pilot 5!

Offering New Features!

Plus All the Same Great Features of Pilot 3!

  • Battery pack  Plug in and charge at night, unplug and use all day.  teach from anywhere in the classroom with no power cord to worry about.
  • HoverCast wireless HDMI beams computer image, annotations and audio to Interactive Flat Panel, projector or TV.
  • Bidirectional wireless USB touch technology mirrors annotations from interactive display to Pilot.
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Pilot 3

Front-facing technology allows for full classroom engagement and better learning.

Teach   ~   Present   ~   Annotate   ~   Record

The HoverCam Pilot 3 is armed with a sleek 21″ multi-touch screen, a powerful Intel Core i5/i7 processor running Windows 10, a 13 MegaPixel document camera, keyboard and trackpad

  • Eliminates Dangling Cables
  • Allows Teachers to Face the Class
  • Instruct Anywhere in the Room – Mobile and Wireless
  • Every essential classroom technology at your fingertips!


  • 13 MP HoverCam Solo 8Plus Document Camera
  • 21″ Multi-Touch Screen
  • Powerful Intel Core i5 Windows-running PC
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Wirelessly Connects to Any Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)

With the World’s Best Document Technology Built In, All of your Presentation Materials Come Alive!  Comes with the Most Commonly Used Essential Software Apps — FREE!

Learn More About the Pilot Podium HERE! (PDF)

Watch the Introductory Video Below on this Awesome NEW Technology!