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The Best Educational Products

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Collaborate With Ease

The award-winning ActivPanel is one of the best interactive displays for education, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom.  ActivPanel delivers the industry’s most natural writing experience for teachers and students so they can collaborate with ease.

Class VR

Complete Virtual And Augmented System

Virtual Reality for the classroom by ClassVR is a complete Virtual and Augmented system that is both affordable and innovative.  It includes hardware, software and curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, equipping teachers with everything they need to introduce this cutting-edge technology straight into the classroom.

Classrooms Alive

Evidence Based Curriculum

Backed by data that supports the development of comprehension skills and metacognitive awareness, this instructional resource has a measurable positive impact on young readers. The literacy concepts are all taught within a science context, allowing students to build background knowledge while supporting literacy development.

Learning alive in action
STEAM Classroom Kit


Courses and Hardware for STEAM And Coding

SAM Labs are curriculum-aligned courses in STEAM and coding, empowering teachers to prepare a generation of computational thinkers.  These courses provide a comprehensive teaching and learning suite, utilizing lesson content, software and hardware to give students a hands-on, minds-on experience.


Capture And Share Videos From Anywhere

The PowerUpEDU Swivl Solution is a complete video learning solution.  Economical & easy to use, the video robot, app and cloud hosting service enables you to capture and share videos from anywhere at anytime.  Using the technology you already own, such as tablets and smartphones makes it easy to create enriched multimedia videos that you can share securely, always retaining the rights to your content.


Cables and Supplies

Your source for Cables and Supplies

Our margins are low in this category, but we’re committed to helping you streamline your technology purchases. Please find a wide variety of cables and supplies by clicking the button below. 

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