PowerUpEDU named Top 10 Connected Education Solution Provider for 2018
By Education Technology Insights Magazine

Kennesaw, GA, June 28, 2018 – PowerUpEDU has been recognized as a Top 10 Connected Education Solution Provider for 2018 by Education Technology Insights Magazine.

Education Technology Insights magazine states, “The digital transformation has been embraced by forward-thinking companies to create an integrated strategy and leverage connected devices and the data they generate.”

To assist CIOs in navigating through the many Connected Education solution providers, the Education Technology Insights distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Education Technology Insights have selected the Top 10 Connected Education Solution Providers 2018. These 10 “forward-thinking” providers exhibit competence in delivering educational intelligence, while also driving digital transformation in a connected education setting for educational institutions and organizations.

Offering the “right ingredients”, PowerUpEDU bridges the gap between teaching and technology. Providing innovative classroom technology solutions, PowerUpEDU creates learning environments that engage students and empower teachers to create learning experiences which improve teacher-learning practices.

“We provide solutions that use in-place classroom technologies whenever possible, while at the same time ensuring the classroom is ready to connect with new and emerging trends,” says Jerry Gaillard, Co-founder of PowerUpEDU. Sterling Wharton, Co-founder of PowerUpEDU, adds “We believe that by leveraging the technology in the classroom, we can improve the results of students and lower the stress levels of teachers at the same time.”

PowerUpEDU’s solutions focus on six key areas: whole group instruction; personalized instruction; wireless classroom solutions; professional development and coaching; classroom sound, safety, and video; and STEAM instruction and curriculum. Aiming to change the way education is delivered, Gaillard states “Our goal is to make classrooms fun, interactive, and engaging, thus motivating students to come to school and enjoy the learning environment.”

To read the entire article found in the June issue of Education Technology Insights Magazine, go here: www.educationtechnologyinsights.com/magazines/June2018/Connected_Education/

Education Technology Insights has been an apex platform offering renewed understanding of the latest innovations and technologies in the Education industry arena. Education Technology Insights spearheads in highlighting education industry’s latest trends and technologies, bringing forth the ideas and unique offerings of market leaders to assist education experts in establishing institutions alike.

For more information on PowerUpEDU’s Connected Education Solutions, contact them at 888.517.3824 or info@powerupedu.com

Media Contact: Debbie Gaillard
Director of Marketing
404-596-5744, ext. 105


October 20, 2014

PowerUpEDU Announces Strategic Partnership with Tablet and Computer Management Specialist mPowered IT

Marietta, GA – PowerUpEDU, a market leader in helping schools bridge the gap between technology and instruction, today announced a strategic partnership with mPowered IT, a technology services provider specializing in tablet and computer network management.

“Having partnered so closely with both public and private schools, we found they are struggling with the deployment, security, control, and ongoing management of tablets and iPads. What educators require is a cost effective, fixed-fee option that is predictable and does not require the precious time of their teachers and administrators” said Jerry Gaillard co-founder of PowerUpEDU. 

The partnership with mPowered IT brings with it a revolutionary new service called “Engage” which provides a suite of packaged services including tablet deployment and ongoing management. The partnership also makes other key IT services available that schools are clearly in need of, including computer and network support, firewall security with bandwidth management and content blocking, cloud hosting services, and backup and disaster recovery services, all for a budget friendly fixed-fee.

”We are thrilled to have entered into this partnership with the team at PowerUpEDU” said John Mamon, CEO of mPowered IT. “We have already seen great excitement from the education market about our ability to take away all of the headaches associated with deploying and managing tablets so they can just focus on creating a dynamic teaching and learning environment”.

“The ‘Engage’ program allows our schools to effectively deploy and manage tablets, keeping their focus where it matters:  using tablets to increase student achievement” added Gaillard.

For more information on the partnership or the Engage program, contact:

Jerry Gaillard                                                                                                        


29 North Park Square

Suite 200

Marietta, GA 30060

Phone: 404.596.5723

Promethean’s ClassFlow Is Now Award Winning!
Over the past several weeks ClassFlow has been the recipient of 2 major awards. The first, a 2014 ComputED Gazette BESSIE Award! The BESSIE Awards target innovative and content-rich websites, applications and software programs that provide teachers and parents with the necessary technology to promote educational excellence. Winners are selected from titles submitted by publishers worldwide. ClassFlow was selected as the Top Lesson Planning Website in the Teacher Tools category.
Most recently ClassFlow was awarded with the Educators’ Choice Award from the SIIA Innovation Incubator Awards! SIIA’s Innovation Incubator program identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their development and distribution of innovative learning technologies. The program began in 2006 and has provided mentorship for dozens of successful products and companies in their efforts to improve education through the use of software, digital content and related technologies. The Educator’s Choice Award is voted on by educators from around the world.
Want to know more about ClassFlow?  For Details and complimentary ClassFlow account, contact PowerUp EDU!




Contact:  Debbie Gaillard
Phone:  888.517.3824, 404.596.5744

 For Immediate Release

PowerUp EDU to Revolutionize the Classroom

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s,
we rob them of their tomorrow”, John Dewey

Believing every child should reach their full potential, today TPS Interactive announces a new division focused on serving the next generation’s classroom; a classroom that provides better learning results, is less stressful for teachers to lead and costs less to equip and operate.  The Powered Up classroom.

The United States has been a world leader in education for generations, but now, student test scores indicate US classroom effectiveness is falling behind other parts of the world.  Our teachers have increased challenges with new requirements, standards, and protocols.

Other industries have been transformed by utilizing technology solutions to dramatically improve effectiveness, productivity and empower its leaders. In contrast, today’s classroom is largely unchanged from the classroom of our parents and grandparents.  Today’s popular handheld devices have limited use in classrooms and are not well utilized.  Often, students are even directed to “power down” those devices at the beginning of the school day.  Schools that purchase technology only, sometimes find the products fall short of the desired outcome.  Additionally, while ideal for consumer and business environments, schools find that student-provided technology also falls short in classroom effectiveness.  Student devices may be brought into classrooms with inadequately equipped infrastructures, and teachers may lack sufficient training on the integration of that technology into a cohesive classroom solution.

PowerUp EDU simplifies the classroom by creating learning environments that dramatically improve the teachers’ ability to motivate & engage learners, to teach more effectively with reduced effort, thus improving student engagement, motivation, retention and learning.  “PowerUp EDU provides our classroom with solutions, not just technology or products.  The solutions provided in their EDUTalk training series enable teachers to better engage students, focus on individual student needs & help reduce the teacher’s cognitive overload at the same time” said Tamara Spafford, Executive Director of The LionHeart School.

PowerUp EDU is bridging the gap between technology and instruction for more positive results in today’s classroom.  PowerUp EDU is a One Stop Shop for consulting, professional development and integration of systems technology into cohesive solutions for today’s classroom, more effectively leveraging the power of individualized and personalized learning at a lower cost than other alternatives.

Contact PowerUp EDU 404.596.5744, 888.517.3824 or visit PowerUpEDU.com for more information.


PowerUp EDU is a Georgia-based interactive technology company that has assisted hundreds of schools, commercial and government accounts nationally with consulting, interactive technology integration and professional development.  TPS Interactive will continue to provide interactive technology and training solutions in the government and commercial markets.


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