Standards-Driven STEAM Curriculum, Virtual STEM Kits, & 3D-Print Library

Whether you already have a 3D Printer or Not, MySTEMKits Can Bring STEM to Life!

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Why MySTEMKits?

A tool is only as good as its uses.  We’ve found that schools buy STEM education tools, but without proper curriculum and support they end up being underutilized.  Therefore, MySTEMKits has assembled all the resources you need to use your STEM products successfully and effectively in your classrooms.  With over 350 standards-driven lesson plans using 3D printing, robotics, sensors, and virtual simulations to teach STEM in the classroom, we provide everything you need to prepare students for the 21st century.

Included with every MySTEMKits Subscription:

  • 12-month access to online library.
  • Choose from over 350 lessons and 30+ STEAM Design Challenges for your 3D printers, MyBot robots, and Labdisc sensors.
  • Virtual STEM Kits for use in-person, hybrid, and remote learning.
  • Over 200 ready-to-3D-print kits designed for classroom use.
  • Content driven by NGSS, Common Core, and State Standards.
  • 3D-printer management tools compatible with 75 types of printers.
  • 2-hour online training.

Verified 3D Printers

These printers have been verified as compatible with MySTEMKits curriculum.  There are customized instructions for connecting them to the website.  

Experimental Printers

Experimental printers will most likely work in our website.  However, we have not yet verified a user with that specific model, so some of our pre-set print settings may need adjusting for the below printers or the connectivity may not work as we envision.  Please very that your printer works prior to purchasing a subscription.  You can sign up for a free trial to verify connectivity of your particular printer.