Deliver great instruction and have multiple students work together on a brilliant, LED-illuminated, 10-touch display. Choose from the 65″, 75″ and 86″ UHD 4K models!




New in 2019!  Networked Device Management System(NDMS).  See more below.


New and Improved ProColor Display Features!

  • Up to 20 single-point users or 10 dual-touch and gestures users with Touch 360° interactivity, driving collaborative learning to a new level*
  • Built-in high-power Android 8+ OS for touch control and wide selection of apps
  • Access to the Boxlight Android App Store**
  • 4K video resolution (3,840 x 2,160)
  • LED backlighting for energy efficiency
  • Includes MimioStudio™ classroom software with three-device MimioMobile™
    collaboration app license
Check Out the MimioStudio Classroom Software Solution!


Networked Device Management System(NDMS)

NDMS is cloud-based software that gives you the ability to control and report on the operation of ProColor displays through one easy-to-use portal via your web browser.  Manage usage, groups, panel location, updates, and more through one system.

The Networked Device Management System provides manual and automated control over key features of your ProColor Series 2 interactive flat panel displays.  Plus, it’s FREE!

  •  Pully cloud=based accessed via your web browser.
  • Create groups by department or floor and manage as a whole rather than by device.
  • Customize users’ access
  • Easily update all your panels with centralized file distribution.

NDMS is available in two versions:  Basic and Premium.  Basic is provided at no cost for five years to buyers of ProColor Series 2 panels.  Premium adds a wide range of features and benefits on a fee-paid subscription basis.

Click HERE to Learn more  about NDMS (PDF)

Experience Eye-Catching, Detailed & Unmatched Vibrancy, Readability and Performance with the NovoTouch.


NovoTouch offers an advanced approach to group work in an all-in-one display. Featuring digital annotation and wireless capabilites, NovoTouch seamlessly connects users to one display, using technology that allows ideas to flow naturally.

75″ & 86″  models, all of which boast a Native UHD 4K resolution

New for Spring 2019!

The NovoTouch now comes integrated with both collaborative and presentation software, allowing for content to be shared and displayed wirelessly.  Contact a PowerUpEDU Education Consultant to learn more about the New and more robust NovoTouch.

Newly Added!
  •  LiveScreen and LiveReceiver
  •  Integrated Digital Signage Solution
  •  Google Chrome Browser/Google Classroom/Google Docs/Google Drive/Dropbox/Visualizer Applications
  •  Enhanced Mirroring
  • Improved on-screen Annotation
  •  Mobile Device Management Capability
Plus all these Existing Features!
  • 30,000 hours of low energy consumption with OED backlight technology
  • Experience a next-generation system for wireless presentation and collaboration. Equipped with Vivitek’s award winning NovoConnect, NovoTouch can:
    • Connect up to 64 users simultaneously & display 4 sources at once
    • One-click control to select who displays
    • Poll/vote feature to measure audience comprehension
    • Presenter screen preview

Experience Brilliant Clarity, Vivid Color and High Contrast with the CenterStage 10 Series Interactive Flat Panels!


This sleek, capacitive and affordable interactive flat panel will elevate your classroom to a new height! Experience brilliant clarity, vivid color, high contrast, and super fast multi-touch sensing. 4K Interactive flat panels that fit any budget!

4K Ultra HD Displays available in 65″, 75″ & 86″

  • State-of-the-art user experience with 10-Point capacitive multi-touch film technology
  • Sleek edge-less design and gorilla glass integrity (shatter-resistant)
  • Built-in Android operating system
  • Works seamlessly with the Pilot Podium