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PowerUpEDU is a certified Microsoft training partner: all our instructors are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators, including a certification in MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) and MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator). Our instructors are all former or active educators and are focused on integrating technology in the classroom.


MiC (Microsoft in the Classroom) Seminar (90-120mins)

Microsoft in the Classroom (MiC) events showcase how Microsoft tools and technologies enable 21st-century skills, positively impacting modern teaching and learning and improving student outcomes. While Microsoft solutions and technologies are woven throughout the seminar, the resources provide focus on using these products and tools within teaching and learning experiences. See examples of rich learning activities, enabling new levels of creativity and facilitating better collaboration among students and educators.

MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 1 Day Teacher Academies

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. This is the first step on a journey of joining a professional learning network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow. MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of some of these tools.

  • MIE Teacher Academy for K-12 Teachers to learn more about Microsoft’s hottest tools and resources to empower your students to achieve more! This one-day professional learning experience will show how to maximize your use of Windows and take an immersive dive into the new Microsoft Classroom in O365 for Education. You will get the opportunity to explore tools such as OneNote Class Notebooks,, Office Forms, Sway, and Office Mix, including how to provide your students with learning experiences beyond the 4 walls in your classroom using Skype in the Classroom and the online Microsoft Educator Community.


  • MIE OneNote Academy is designed to help teachers develop the basic skills needed to use OneNote as a productivity and collaborative tool for both themselves and their students. Interactive lessons will be created using the tools in OneNote which will then immediately transfer to classroom practice. Teachers will experience and discover how Professional Learning Communities can be more productive when using OneNote to drive content delivery and creation.


  • MIE Office 365 allows participants to take a deep dive into cloud-based tools for the classroom, with a special focus on topics such as file storage, collaboration and communication using Office 365. It will also give educators the opportunity to apply their learning towards the end of each part of the session – reflecting on the topics covered, as well as strategizing on how they can be put to the best use in the classroom or with other educators.

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  • CCGA (Creative Coding for Games and Apps) Teacher Academy  This Teacher Academy provides teachers an orientation to the Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) course curriculum and an introduction to the TouchDevelop platform and online CCGA tutorials. Learn how you can inspire your students to discover computer science principles in a fun and engaging way! This 1-day, in-person MIE Teacher Academy provides you an overview of Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) curriculum and prepares you to teach several units of the semester-length course as well provide an orientation to the later curriculum units. If you have the opportunity and desire to bring creative coding to your middle or early secondary school students, this workshop is for you!Before you even arrive, we provide introductory materials to give you a solid foundation on the course and the curriculum content. Whether you are new to coding or have been a developer for years, you will find valuable educational resources and learn new ways to engage your students. CCGA curriculum has been officially endorsed by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) as aligned to the CSTA standards which provide the foundation for a complete computer science curriculum and its implementation at the K–12 level.


  • Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy  Minecraft: Education Edition is a collaborative, and versatile platform for learning that educators can use across subjects to encourage 21st century skills like creativity, problem-solving and computational thinking. Engage every student across diverse learning styles with an immersive environment where students learn by doing.Minecraft: Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. During this 1-day, in-person Teacher Academy, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, and create curriculum and classroom resources you can take back to your classroom and continue your journey.

We provide resources to give you a foundation on Minecraft, game-based learning, and adapting curriculum to leverage this creative platform. During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about Minecraft: Education Edition, its place in learning, and unique features suited for teaching & learning with immersive games.
  • Become a Minecraft player. Learn the controls, crafting, and game features necessary to gain confidence and lower anxiety about game-based learning.
  • Learn strategies, tips, and tricks to integrate Minecraft into your classroom. Learn what’s worked for educators successfully teaching with Minecraft, along with resources you can bring back to your own classroom.
  • Take a learner’s role, and walk through a learning experience featuring Minecraft. Then, move through examples traversing grade span and subject area, demonstrating the global applicability of Minecraft in schools


MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 3 Hour Teacher Academies

  • Empower Students with Workforce Ready Skills: Prepare today’s learners for their futures by leveraging communication and collaboration tools that extend learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. In this workshop, participants will practice real time collaboration in Office 365, anytime communication with Skype, explore the endless possibilities with OneNote, and publish interactive content in a Sway.
  • A Teacher’s Day made easier with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebooks: One place to create all of your lessons, one place to share with students and one place to create student portfolios, projects and collaborative class creations! Discover how to create, organize and share dynamic notebooks rich with interactive content. Bring the classroom to life with enticing audio and video features. Stay organized and on‐topic using tagging, tables and tabs for new content! Then, easily personalize the learning experience with Class Notebooks, which provides each student with their own private notebook viewable only by the teacher and individual. Use the Content library to digitize your existing lessons, and easily communicate with the entire group using the collaboration space. Keep tabs on your class and stay organized with OneNote!
  • Lesson Design with OneNote: Let’s get digital! See how you can use OneNote paired with the free tools provided within the Microsoft Community to digitize your lessons and artfully craft your way directly into 21st century learning! Learn how to create meaningful lesson springboards in the collaboration space of your OneNote Class Notebook, provide guided and leveled practice using the content library and, link you students directly to the web, with screen clippings, hyperlinks, and more! Take advantage of the free resources available when you become part of the Microsoft Community, and expand your capabilities and educational offerings to your students. Experience the many colors of OneNote with the Draw tab where digital inking brings new dimensions to once basic assignments. Get inspired to digitize your class with OneNote!
  • Enhance Assessment for the 21st Century Classroom: Looking for effective, easy ways to assess learners and challenge students to demonstrate higher level critical thinking skills? In this workshop, participants will learn how to create an Office Mix, organize, grade, and assess work in a OneNote Class Notebook, quickly collect data through Excel Survey, gather student artifacts using modern apps, and analyze results to impact instruction.
  • Windows 10 for EDU: Using technology for the sake of technology is a thing of the past. Windows 10 provides the best platform for changing the way teachers teach and students learn. It is the platform for doing – helping educators and institutions unlock the potential of students and teachers. This session will take participants through the many features found in Windows 10 to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Overview of Creative Coding Through Games and Apps (CCGA) Course Curriculum: Got Bot? This session is an overview of a first-semester course that introduces programming to middle-school through early secondary grades in a manner that will excite and engage student; no prior experience required! Participants will gain an understanding of the course through hands-on experience with the curriculum and the TouchDevelop platform.

MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 1 hour Modules:

  • Build a Collaborative Classroom and Increase Productivity using OneNote: Want to go paperless? Looking for a way to revolutionize your teaching and learning? Experience the power of Microsoft OneNote! A free tool that takes digital notebooks to the extreme while keeping everything together on all devices. Organize, create, and collaborate anytime anywhere with text, audio, video, files, digital ink, and so much more! (OneNote)
  • Blended Learning with Office 365: Has your school or district just adopted Office 365, or are they thinking about it? You may be aware of some of the great tools available in Office 365, but do you know how you can use OneDrive, Skype for Business, and OneNote Class Notebooks to help you incorporate blended learning in your classroom? Let’s explore blended learning, its impact on teaching and learning, and see how the full suite of tools provided within Office365 will help you build a robust learning environment that fosters student success. (Office 365)
  • The best BYOD Tools for Collaboration, Digital Storytelling and Blended Learning: Create a dynamic BYOD learning environment using the Microsoft Office mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Empower learners by leveraging the devices they have in their pockets and using the tools we all love. Explore the Office you are familiar with plus the latest Office apps like Sway and Office Mix and see how they work seamlessly on any device in any classroom, even on the go! (Office 2016/Apps)
  • Flip your Classroom with Office Mix: Flip your classroom quickly and easily with Office Mix! With Office Mix, you can create digital lessons in PowerPoint with simulations, quizzes, discussions, and more. Quickly share your Office Mix with your students for them view on any device and easily differentiate instruction by using Mix analytics. Or mix it up- have students create Mixes for authentic assessment. (Office Mix)
  • Learning without Borders through Mystery Skype: Using Skype, you can bring in industry experts, take virtual field trips, or connect students from across town to around the world. Playing Mystery Skype, you can promote geography skills as well as global citizenship. Learn how you can connect with other educators, get lesson plans, start a project and more with Skype in the Classroom. (Skype)
  • 10 FREE Microsoft Tools that Make Learning Fun: Who doesn’t love free tools? Take a look at some of Microsoft’s top free tools for empowering teachers and students and making leaning fun. Learn how these tools can be used across the curriculum to increase productivity and student engagement. (Windows Apps)
  • Personalize Student Learning with the OneNote Class Notebook: Using OneNote Class Notebooks you can make every learning experience personal. See how you can set up areas for group collaboration activities that encourage peer support and interaction. Then, scaffold individual learning with student notebooks viewable only by the teacher and student. Track goals, manage student progress, and provide support, feedback, and encouragement from one simplified location. Let OneNote help you personalize your classroom experience. (OneNote Class Notebooks)
  • Providing Quality Feedback with OneNote: Providing students with timely, quality feedback is one of the single most important factors for improving student learning. See how you can utilize built‐in features within OneNote to easily guide students through assignments, scaffold learning opportunities and provided quality feedback to immediately enhance the level of understanding and clarify misconceptions. Use Inking and draw features to script fluidly over any existing file, or add audio to simply say what you mean. Better yet, embed a quick video tutorial on the student page for immediate, anytime assistance! Increase the quality of your feedback, and watch as students rise to the occasion! (OneNote)
  • Digital Storytelling on ANY device with Sway: Want to help students develop their most creative and innovative abilities? Introduce them to digital storytelling, regardless of their digital device! Students can use digital tools to create and share their own stories or experiences, or reflect on what they’ve learned. Learn about how you can use Sway, a NEW innovative web-based learning tool that can be used on any device your students may have access to in the classroom. Kids love to be creative and share stories about themselves…digital storytelling is the perfect way to let them do it! (Sway)
  • 10 Class Hacks using Microsoft Office: Would you like to hack your classroom and gain more instructional time with your students? Come learn 10 tricks and tips for using Microsoft Office more efficiently so that you can hack your classroom, save time, and gain more time to spend on what matters the most- your students! (Office)
  • 7 Steps to Making Learning More Accessible: Our mission is to empower ALL teachers and students to achieve more. The classroom is no different. Microsoft Windows and applications like Microsoft Office, along with other assistive technologies, offer features that make computers easier to use and help meet the needs of diverse learners. These give teachers the opportunity to provide personalized learning and offer students an improved experience and equal opportunity in the classroom. Come learn how Windows 10 and Office 2016 can help personalize learning for all students. We will explore ways to improve student focus, increase reading comprehension, and explore ways students are able to demonstrate their understanding using inputs other than keyboarding and text. (Windows and Office)
  • Redefine Learning with Microsoft Classroom in Office 365: Are you looking for a customized experience where you can manage everything from class assignments to professional learning communities and students post questions, collaborate in groups, and access all class materials needed—all in one place? Look no further! Come discover the Microsoft Classroom, the “glue” of Office 365 Education, and learn how existing tools like OneNote Class Notebook, Sway, and more all integrate seamlessly to help you save time and improve student outcomes. (Microsoft Classroom)


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