Microsoft in Education


PowerUpEDU is a certified Microsoft training partner: All our instructors are certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainers & Master Trainers, including a certification in MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) and MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator). Our instructors are all former or active educators and are focused on integrating technology in the classroom.

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MIE (Microsoft In Education) Programs


MIE Teacher Academy 

K-12 Teachers will spend the day getting excited about the many tools Microsoft has to offer students and teachers. Teachers will reflect and create a customized toolkit of resources to increase engagement, efficiency and develop modern skills for a global classroom/society. Throughout the day participants will engage in a series of immersive learning activities that will build a strong understanding of how to use technology to improve instruction and meet the learning needs of their students, exploring tools such as Teams, OneNote, Sway, Windows Apps and more.


Digital Leadership with Microsoft in Education

Designed for school and district leaders and administrators, this course is customized to empower participants as digital leaders with the Microsoft in Education resources. Learn how to transform communication and collaboration among schools, teams, and teachers while simplifying the workflow and productivity within schools. This session will also highlight a global focus on Microsoft in Education resources available to all teachers and students.


Education Transformation Framework ETF Workshop:

Designed for system leaders at country, region, state or district level.
Revolutionizing an entire school system is an exciting opportunity. While it’s challenging, it’s easier with a proven way forward. The Microsoft Education Framework is an effective, flexible platform for education transformation. MSFT combed the latest research and consulted hundreds of academics, experts and policy makers. We distilled the key insights into a single powerful framework now available to school leaders everywhere. Lay the foundation for success with the Education Transformation Framework as your guide. For expert help planning, improving and executing your strategy, request an Education Transformation Workshop facilitated by Microsoft’s in-house experts and PowerUpEDU, an education transformation partner.


Elevate Microsoft Teams with Beedle

Supercharge Microsoft Teams in your school or district with Beedle!  Beedle adds features and functionalities to Teams that empower teachers to leverage a single platform to support the complete teaching and learning process.  Through the integration of Beedle, educators can plan for instruction, facilitate learning experiences, assess student learning, analyze student data to drive instruction, and can engage in meaningful communication with parents and family members.  Unifying advanced instructional features of Beedle with the power of Microsoft Teams allows a school or district to perform all learning management system functionalities within one location!

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