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PowerUpEDU is a certified Microsoft training partner: all our instructors are certified Microsoft Innovative Educators, including a certification in MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) and MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator). Our instructors are all former or active educators and are focused on integrating technology in the classroom.

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MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 1 Day Teacher Academies

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. This is the first step on a journey of joining a professional learning network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow. MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of some of these tools.

  • MIE Teacher Academy:  K-12 Teachers will spend the day getting excited about the many tools Microsoft has to offer students and teachers. Teachers will reflect and create a customized toolkit of resources to increase engagement, efficiency and develop modern skills for a global classroom/society. Throughout the day participants will engage in a series of immersive learning activities that will build a strong understanding of how to use technology to improve instruction and meet the learning needs of their students, exploring tools such as Teams, OneNote, Sway, Windows Apps and more.

Note: This is an introductory course intended to expose trainers to Microsoft offerings for education. This is not a deep-dive instruction into any one tool. Additional trainings and resources will be provided throughout the day for educators who would like to learn more about the topics presented in today’s training.


  • MIE OneNote Academy: Teachers and students will develop the basic skills needed to use OneNote as a productivity tool for both themselves and their students. Time will be devoted to assist a teacher in understanding how OneNote can be used as a true collaborative tool. Interactive lessons will be created using the tools in OneNote that will then immediately transfer to classroom practice. Finally, teachers will experience and discover how Professional Learning Communities can be more productive when using OneNote to drive content delivery and creation.
    At the end of the day, participants should leave feeling comfortable and knowledgeable in the basic skills necessary to be up and running successfully using OneNote in the classroom, and as a professional tool.


  • MIE Office 365: This six-hour academy is designed to give educators an understanding of how Office 365 can provide the right environment for better learning outcomes. With Office 365, educators will learn how to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device they use.  It is aimed at educators for whom Office 365 is relatively new and who are looking to implement solutions to classroom problems right away. This training will explore Office 365 through hands-on activities that will introduce educators to OneDrive for Business, Office Online, Microsoft Teams, Forms, Sway, OneNote and Class notebook, as well as get a high-level overview of other tools that can enhance a classroom environment.


  • Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy  Minecraft: Education Edition is a collaborative, and versatile platform for learning that educators can use across subjects to encourage 21st century skills like creativity, problem-solving and computational thinking. Engage every student across diverse learning styles with an immersive environment where students learn by doing.Minecraft: Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. During this 1-day, in-person Teacher Academy, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, and create curriculum and classroom resources you can take back to your classroom and continue your journey.

We provide resources to give you a foundation on Minecraft, game-based learning, and adapting curriculum to leverage this creative platform. During this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about Minecraft: Education Edition, its place in learning, and unique features suited for teaching & learning with immersive games.
  • Become a Minecraft player. Learn the controls, crafting, and game features necessary to gain confidence and lower anxiety about game-based learning.
  • Learn strategies, tips, and tricks to integrate Minecraft into your classroom. Learn what’s worked for educators successfully teaching with Minecraft, along with resources you can bring back to your own classroom.
  • Take a learner’s role, and walk through a learning experience featuring Minecraft. Then, move through examples traversing grade span and subject area, demonstrating the global applicability of Minecraft in schools


MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 3 Hour Teacher Academies

Preparing Students to be college and career ready with Office 365: This session shows how Office 365 can help to prepare students with college and career ready skills. Prepare today’s learners for their futures by leveraging communication and collaboration tools that extend learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. In this workshop, participants will practice real time collaboration in Office 365, anytime communication with Skype, explore the endless possibilities with OneNote, and publish interactive content in a Sway.

A Teacher’s Day made easier with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebooks: One place to create all of your lessons, one place to share with students and one place to create student portfolios, projects and collaborative class creations! Discover how to create, organize and share dynamic notebooks rich with interactive content. Bring the classroom to life with enticing audio and video features. Stay organized and on‐topic using tagging, tables and tabs for new content! Then, easily personalize the learning experience with Class Notebooks, which provides each student with their own private notebook viewable only by the teacher and individual. Use the Content library to digitize your existing lessons, and easily communicate with the entire group using the collaboration space. Keep tabs on your class and stay organized with OneNote!

Lesson Design with OneNote: Let’s get digital! See how you can use OneNote paired with the free tools provided within the Microsoft Community to digitize your lessons and artfully craft your way directly into 21st century learning! Learn how to create meaningful lesson springboards in the collaboration space of your OneNote Class Notebook, provide guided and leveled practice using the content library and, link you students directly to the web, with screen clippings, hyperlinks, and more! Take advantage of the free resources available when you become part of the Microsoft Community, and expand your capabilities and educational offerings to your students. Experience the many colors of OneNote with the Draw tab where digital inking brings new dimensions to once basic assignments. Get inspired to digitize your class with OneNote!

Enhance Assessment for the 21st Century Classroom: Looking for effective, easy ways to assess learners and challenge students to demonstrate higher level critical thinking skills? In this course, participants will learn how various tools can assist teachers in gathering information about their students. Forms, PowerPoint Recorder, Stream and the Photos app can be used to help teachers create and use effective assessments.

Windows 10 for EDU: Using technology for the sake of technology is a thing of the past. Windows 10 provides the best platform for changing the way teachers teach and students learn. It is the platform for doing – helping educators and institutions unlock the potential of students and teachers. This session will take participants through the many features found in Windows 10 to enhance teaching and learning.

MIE Teacher Academy using Microsoft Teams: How do we support teachers and students who are challenged to learn in an increasingly collaborate and mobile environment? Microsoft Teams creates an ideal digital hub for teachers to deliver instruction, enhance learning, and interact in a rich and engaging online space. Participants will engage in a series of immersive learning activities that will build a strong understanding of how to use Microsoft Teams to improve instruction and meet the learning needs of their students.

Physical Computing and its role in Education: This three-hour workshop is designed to give educators an understanding of what physical computing is and how they can integrate it into their curriculum to deepen learning.  Educators will learn why physical computing is a powerful teaching tool, how and micro:bit support physical computing projects, and what resources are available to design content-based physical computing units.  It is aimed at educators for whom physical computing is relatively new and who are looking to implement lessons in their classroom right away. This training will explore physical computing through hands-on and collaborative activities that will introduce educators to the principles of physical computing and the resources available.

Craft and Learn with Minecraft: Learn about Minecraft: Education Edition, its place in learning, and unique features suited for teaching & learning with immersive games. Become a Minecraft player. Learn the controls, crafting, and game features necessary to gain confidence and lower anxiety about game-based learning. Learn strategies, tips, and tricks to integrate Minecraft into your classroom. Learn what’s worked for educators successfully teaching with Minecraft, along with resources you can bring back to your own classroom.

Do More with Office 2016: Office has always been the go-to tool for helping individuals do their best work – whether for professional documents, powerful analyses, or school presentations.  Office 2016 continues to improve in ways that allows for improved productivity and collaboration.  Learn how Office 2016 empowers you and your students to do more.


MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) 1 hour Modules:

20 in 50: Twenty ways AI is built into Office 365 to revolutionize your productivity: With the rise in computer science education, educators across the curriculum are looking for ways to incorporate computer science principles into their curriculum. Computational thinking is a pedagogical model that teaches students to think like a computer scientist. Learn how computational thinking allows educators to easily introduce computer science principles across curricular educational settings.

Administrators lead the way! Closing the achievement gap with Learning Tools and more: School leaders are called to provide a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all students. Microsoft provides free tools for meeting the needs of all types of learners that are built right into Office 365 and Windows 10, saving school systems from purchasing costly alternatives and implementing additional software packages. See how Learning Tools, OneNote, Translator, Office Lens, Recorder, Skype, and more can allow educators to facilitate learning with equity.

Build it, make it, know it! Design thinking with Minecraft: Education Edition and other tools: Learn how to give your students meaningful learning experiences while solving problems with imaginative solutions using Minecraft: Education Edition, Microsoft MakeCode, Paint 3D, and the new Photos app for Windows 10.

Drive efficient school leadership coordination and reduce workload with Microsoft Teams and Staff Notebook:  Administrators are called on to create and promote a digital age learning culture in their school systems but are often left without an effective tool kit. Staff Teams combined with Staff Notebooks offers time-saving, successful collaboration that is proven to reduce email churn and allow for positive staff interactions all year long.

Let’s Team Up! Getting started with Microsoft Teams: This session introduces Microsoft Teams and a walk through of its features and functionality.

One Notebook to rule them all: How OneNote Class Notebook changes the school of learning around the world: Students can collaborate, design, construct, plan, and curate in a tool that provides the features and options to be successful—and that’s OneNote Class Notebook! With a teacher-guided framework that allows for content distribution, grading, LMS integration, and quick feedback cycles, OneNote Class Notebook is changing the scope of learning in classrooms around the world.

S’way cool. Elevate student voice across the curriculum: When students are given the opportunity to express themselves, they need creative options and a variety of formats available to meet their needs. See how AI supports the student’s content through design and publishing process in tools like Sway and Stream to allow students to share professionally designed work without wasting time and energy on executive tasks.

7 Steps to Making Learning More Accessible: Making a learning environment accessible for everyone is a must as today’s classrooms are diverse and include English Language Learners and students with special needs. In fact, teachers already have technologies to help with this at their disposal. This session will help teachers recognize just how easy it is to ensure that all learning materials are accessible to everyone. These 7 simple steps could make a significant impact for the people who need accessible materials.

Track It, Quiz It, Flip It, Try It with Teams: Educators carry a heavy workload that shouldn’t be made more difficult by the technology they use. Come learn how Class Teams give teachers a way to assign and collect work, give quick assessments, peek into student journals, and deliver flipped lessons with ease.

Want to build an inclusive classroom? Learning Tools is your superpower:  We know how important it is for educators to design authentic activities that acknowledge and accommodate for all variations of learners. Learning Tools brings advanced accessibility options for a wide range of students with proven success in reading and writing achievement. See how this and other tools bring the content to the student while removing barriers to learning.

What’s your app-titude? Discover the best-loved apps for teaching and learning in the Microsoft store: One of the best things about Windows is the ability to run apps. There are many apps in the Microsoft store for education that are game-changers for teachers and students. This session reviews the top apps for Windows and gives educators insight into how to get them into their own classrooms.

World changers unite! Level the playing field with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Translator: Do you want to empower your students to change the world? Working together with people of all abilities through Microsoft Teams, students begin to appreciate the contributions of all team members. Learn how tools like dictation, Translator, and Learning Tools provide equity of access and opportunities for all students to succeed.

MiC (Microsoft in the Classroom) Seminar (90-120mins)
Microsoft in the Classroom (MiC) events showcase how Microsoft tools and technologies enable 21st-century skills, positively impacting modern teaching and learning and improving student outcomes. While Microsoft solutions and technologies are woven throughout the seminar, the resources provide focus on using these products and tools within teaching and learning experiences. See examples of rich learning activities, enabling new levels of creativity and facilitating better collaboration among students and educators.

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