Who’s It For?

PreK and K Instruction

1st = 2nd Grade Intervention

All Ages For ELL and Special Education

What is Math alive Zoo Keeper 8.0?

Math alive is a highly-engaging, hands-on resource for teaching foundational math skills and concepts.  it features a collaborative and novel 3D technology (Augmented Reality) that brings numbers, shapes, and animals to life in your classroom!

The kit includes a supplemental math program with Lesson Plans that support Pre-K learning and are aligned to Kindergarten State Standards.  math alive can also be easily differentiated for teacher-led intervention, ELL, and for Special Educaiton.

Math alive includes fun and challenging activities and games that get your kids excited about math.  Immediate feedback and positive verbal affirmations encourage early learners and keep them motivated.  

What’s in the Kit?

  • Math alive Software on flash drive – single user license
  • Printed Field guide, zoo Keeper 123 Boot Camp (pdf) Full-year Lesson Plans (pdf)
  • Math alive Card Deck:
    • 42 number cards (2 sets)
    • 10 animal cards
    • 9 color cards
    • 7 (2D) shape cards
    • 5 (3D) shape cards
    • 3 math symbol cards
    • 4 custom cards
    • video card
    • 100 card

Ipevo USB Doc Cam and extension stand, Alive Studios’ Zoo Map, Hundreds Chart, Tracking Mat for cards, Math Sentences Mat Overlay, Quick Start Guide, Card Sorting Box, How-To Videos

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