Portable Datalogger

All-in-One, Complete Lab Fits in the Palm of Your Hand. A MUST for Every STEM Lab!

Wireless, Compact Data Logger For Every Science, With Up to 15 Built-in Sensors. Clear the Clutter With a Siingle Device.

  • Starter Plan license to MyStemKits.com K-12 integrated STEM curriculum with lessons for implementation into schools.

  • Next generation wireless technology

  • Autonomic for indoor & outdoor science

  • Multi-platform Globilab software

  • Ever ready – zero setup time, with automatic sensor testing & calibration

  • Over 150 hours of battery life

  • Seamlessly integrating with latest technologies in the digital classroom

    Click Below to Read a Case Study of a Georgia Science Class using Labdisc to Engage Students.

Labdisc Solar Eclipse case study- East Coweta High school, GA


The Labdisc is truly a “plug and play” solution!

  • Delivers a complete lab on a disc with up to 15 built-in sensors
  • Offers very high accuracy, high sampling resolution, and fast recording –essential for K-12 science studies
  • Saves teachers lab setup time
  • Ensures lessons run smoothly and calmly
  • Saves precious school resources being wasted on multiple small items
  • Puts the “Science” in your STEM

Labdisc offers 4 Science Parameters: Environment, General Science, Physics & Biology/Chemistry

Labdisc Enviro – Take a multidisciplinary approach to engage with your environment

Labdisc Gensci – Parallel real scientific processes and connect real world core science concepts

Labdisc BioChem – Explore chemical reactions, biochemical phenomena and the intricacies of biological diversity

Labdisc Physio – Discover the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter

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Mobile Science Cart

Stores and Charges a Complete Class Set of 16 Labdiscs and 16 tablets.

The Labdisc wireless science lab has made STEM teaching more convenient, organized and accessible than ever before. Globisens has expanded this concept, introducing the Mobile Science Cart – a complete laboratory on wheels!

An attractive price-point, the Mobile Science Cart has mobilized a secured 21st century science lab to students anywhere in the school. Finally, messy and expensive science labs with heavy equipment are a thing of the past.



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