Interactive Tables

Touch technology and cooperative learning are brought to life with the brilliance of our 4K resolution touch table.

The TouchTable is a multi-user interactive surface designed to promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning.The ProColor touch screen table allows multiple students to work together for cooperative learning as teachers assist and guide to gain a better understanding of students’ comprehension. What’s more, the height- adjustable table makes learning accessible to all students.

Boxlight ProColor Touch Table 490


Boxlight’s interactive touch table is an exciting tool for students to use together to learn and develop teamwork skills while having fun!

ProColor Touch Table 490 features:

    • MimioMobile Team* included FREE with the ProColor touch table, extending the power of your MimioStudio™ classroom software.
    • Up to 12 touch-points, allowing students to move, zoom, rotate, and draw in interactive activities with precision and ease.
    • Classroom-rugged with spill-resistant, anti-glare glass and touch technology that eliminates interference from sleeves and arms.
    • Height is adjustable (29 in. to 36 in.) to accommodate multiple chairs or students of various heights and needs.
    • Can be used as a stand-alone system with the included plug-in i5 Windows PC with Wi-Fi.
MimioMobile Team—so easy to use and engaging, your teachers will use it every day.

With MimioMobile Team, students can work on individual MimioStudio activities on the touch table and teachers can share any combination of the students’ work on the front-of-the-class display. Students get greater collaborative and cooperative learning, and teachers can perform real-time assessment for a more in-depth understanding of their students’ comprehension.