Interactive Projectors

cost effective projector solutions

Different schools have different needs.  Explore what fits your budget, classroom, teaching style, and existing infrastructure.  Contact PowerUpEDU today, we can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.





budget projectors

Ideal for non-interactive classrooms with the ability to darken rooms.  Can be placed on a ceiling or on a  table.



replacement projectors

Ideal for plug-compatible replacements for most popular interactive White Boards including Promethean.  Contact us and we can help yo find the best replacement for your classroom!





short throw projectors

Budget solutions for interactive classrooms, reduced shadowing over standard projectors, an economic alternative for interactive classrooms.




ultra short throw projectors

Ideal for best interactive surface experience, with a minimum of shadowing and providing brighter images.  WXGA resolution with an exceptionally bright image avoids the need to darken most rooms, even those with windows.




Interactive projectors

Interactive projectors have the advantage of creating a large interactive experience more affordably than flat panel displays.  These projectors now come in a wide range of models:  touch-based or pen-based, bulb or laser (no bulbs to change ever), HD and ultra-wide — which can enable you to create an 11 x 4 feet interactive area.  These high-performance projectors create an interactive surface for up to 10 students simultaneously on a budget.



laser projectors

The latest projection technology, extremely bright and never requires a bulb replacement, these projectors are Ultra Short throw, providing the best experience for interactive surfaces with a minimum of shadowing.




Not sure which type of projector is right for your classroom?  Contact powerupedu for a free consultation!   888.517.3824 or

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