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Advantages of Upgrading to Flat Panel Displays

      • More Flexible, More Collaborative, More Inclusive Learning Environments
      • Students Are More Engaged, Better Motivated
      • Builds Community in the Classroom
      • Greater Efficiency for Time-Strapped Teachers
      • Dramatically Improves Audio & Visual Quality
      • Brightness & Longevity.  LED Screens retain a Crisp Image for Around 50,000 hours.
      • Touch Screens Permit Multiple Touch Points.
      • Cutting-Edge Connectivity.  Multiple Ports
      • No Bulbs to Change!

Panels & Walls, Oh My!

Many Size Options Available!


Interactive Flat Panel Displays are the Next Generation for Collaborative, Inclusive & Efficient Learning in Today’s Educational Environment.  They Are Available in a variety of sizes and offer an array of features & functionality including, but not limited to:

    • Ultra-sharp 4K Resolution
    • Multiple Points of Touch
    • Room-filling Sound
    • Embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Enhanced Connectivity
    • Browse the Web without a PC. Windows, MAC and Chrome-compatible.
    • Touch-menu provide instant access to folders, files, apps and more.
    • Multiple Panel Sizes Available:  55:, 65″, 75″, 86″, 98″
    • Optional tools and resources available to data-sharing and more
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Given the commonalities of most Flat Panel Displays, PowerUpEDU Suggests these Key Considerations for a Successful Panel Implementation:

    •  The integration Company (partner) that provides the technology

    •  The Software that is included and loaded on the panel

    •  The Training, Technical services, & on-Going Warranty support provided by the integration company (Partner)


As a valued partner & provider, PowerUpEDU offers schools and districts these assurances:

    • High quality & cutting edge, warrantied technology

    • Education Consultants & Trainers with years of Classroom Education Experience

    • Highly-trained, qualified & licensed installers & technicians

    • On-going training & technical support

The PowerUpEDU Technical Team has a goal of delivering the highest standard of support.  Our team offers warrantied, purchase-included support, but also offers a number of technical & preventative maintenance services. Available services include both on-site and remote options. 

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