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Over 500 Modules

With an ever-growing immersive content library, Veative’s interactive VR modules are designed to engage students and enhance learning outcomes by combining research based instructional practices with virtual reality content.

Each module begins with clearly defined learning objectives, progresses through a concept overview and investigation, and ends with an assessment to measure progress toward mastery of the concepts. The modules are standards based, and designed to improve proficiency and enhance retention by enabling students to interact with and control the flow of information. Veative facilitates discovery through active exploration, and immediate feedback is provided throughout each module to check for understanding, and reinforce, elaborate, and clarify new content. At the end of a module, the assessment provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, while performance is measured through achievements and points.

Find Out How the Veative Solution can Bring the benefits of Immersive Learning to Your Classroom!

  • Deepen student understanding and build background knowledge through application and real-world experiences.
  • Allow students to explore fundamental questions about the world
  • Focus on behaviors scientists use to answer questions.
  • Provide the practice students need to refine skills required to be successful in a career
  • Encourage self-discovery and elicit rich academic conversation
  • Build students’ confidence as learners
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Learn how the Veative solution can bring the benefits of Immersive Learning to Your classroom!  

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