Google for Education

G Suite for Education Courses
Google provides easy tools to engage students anytime, anywhere, on any device. Educators get hands-on experience with Google tools, learn innovative strategies, and receive resources to share with colleagues. Our Certified Google Educator will guide educators in getting the most out of Google Apps for Education..

Pear Deck

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Partner with PowerUpEDU’s Professional Learning Team to empower your teachers and leaders to build engaging instructional content right from Google Slides.  Through our customized approach, this professional learning session will prepare your team to leverage Pear Deck to address your school or district instructional priorities.  

GIC: Google, Web Tools and the Student-Centered Classroom 

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This one-day professional learning experience is designed for the K-12 classroom educator who wants to effectively integrate technology to create student centered, creative, and collaborative learning environments. PowerUpEDU will explore proven strategies for using Google Apps for Education, the Chrome Browser, and Web Tools in ways that purposefully impact student learning.

Going Google to Engage, Assess, and Manage Your Class

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Make Google Applications your ultimate teaching tool. Participants are provided with an enhanced examination into the Google Apps for Education environment. Educators will explore Google resources that provide incredible tools to assist you in creating teaching and learning opportunities.

Google Up: Go Beyond the Basics 

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Go beyond the Google basics with PowerUpEDU. Our qualified instructors will explore Extensions, Add-ons and provide a deeper dive into Applications like YouTube, Chrome Browser and your standard Docs and Forms to increase collaboration and communication in your classroom.

Chromebooks in the Classroom 

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Designed to engage and prepare participants for teaching in the Google environment using Chromebooks. The training will cover navigation, customizing, connecting devices to Google Apps for education

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