Evie the Mobile Learning Lab

PowerUpEDU Mobile Learning Lab

Outfitted with the latest in Educational Technologies integrated into a mobile classroom, Evie or EV(Educational Vehicle) is a Mobile Learning Lab, including Front of the Classroom/Whole Group Learning, Small Group Learning and One to One Products & Solutions including:


  • Interactive Panels and traditional Interactive WhiteBoards
  • Tablets including iPad, Android, Chromebook & Windows 8.1, all integrated and working wirelessly with IWB’s
  • High performance networking and WiFi allowing all students online access
  • Robotic products enabling distance learning and high quality audio/video recording for effective lesson capture and distribution.
  • Sound for more effective whole group verbal communications
  • Video Recording for Flipped Classrooms, Teacher Evaluation and Classroom Security
  • Connections to Cloud-based solutions enabling low impact, low cost/free implementation along with ease-of-use for teachers and students.
  • Tablet add-ons including document cameras, stands, cases and other peripherals enabling more effective tablet use in the classroom while driving low cost and ease of use and connectivity
  • Dozens of educational software solutions including both high performance free classroom apps as well as sophisticated enterprise class products for district-wide implementations

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