Esports in Education Live Workshop Series March 29 & 31

Exploring best practices and benefits with Lenovo Esports

“Examine ways to leverage technology to address concerns, engage with students, and to maximize our resources.”

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Please plan to participate in an esports in education live workshop series where we will discuss best practices when using software to automate and enhance the operations of our programs.

Lee Hyde is our Subject Matter Expert and North American Business Development Manager for Lenovo Esports, and comes from an IT background in higher education.  He has successfully designed, built and led an esports operation for several years.  He has also served as a thought leader, providing guidance to dozens of the schools in their design and planning phases prior to joining Lenovo – so he knows the perils that you want to avoid and understands how to achieve success.

Let’s work together to examine ways we can leverage technology to address concerns, engage with students, and to maximize our resources.


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Lenovo has the tools to keep your students safe and to allow your esports program to rocket to success without you having to micromanage every aspect.  Join us as we show off the benefits of using ggLeap to manage your students’ experience and maximize your time in your esports lab.

We all want to have a cool space for our students to learn and interact, but are we getting the most return for our investment?  maybe you’d like to understand more about how to minimize cost, or develop a space rental program.  Or perhaps you’re exploring how to manage student staff to help run your lab.  Join us as we discuss best practices for your esports space with other industry users. **This is intended to spur conversation, so bring questions to this session and let’s jump into discussing your specific goals.