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PowerUpEDU Provides a Complete (Turnkey), Ready-to-use Solution. Everthing you need to Enhance or Create a Program.

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Bringing the same expertise, experience and dedication as with all our Core Practices, PowerUpEDU can provide everything you need in bringing esports to your school.  Our team of Specialists have years of experience with the Gaming industry and an unmatched passion for growing the sport.  

Whether entry level or advanced, we can provide all components needed, including the hardware, software, installation and professional development. 

As with all our Core Practices, we are your partner in the classroom. 

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Enhancing Education Esports Grant

Why Esports?-----College and Career Readiness

Esports requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success.   Additionally, STEM-related skills are crucial to any esports athlete:  deep engagement with computer technology, statistical analysis and strategizing.



Success hinges on seamless teamwork, where players unite effortlessly to achieve shared objectives.  Effective communication and a collaborative spirit are pivotal to an esports team.

By cultivating effective leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to make rapid, composed decisions under pressure, esports empowers students with tools for triumph in the gaming realm and real-life challenges.  

Personal Development


Nurturing skills like self-discipline, time management, and resilience equips students to tackle challenges, cultivate healthy habits, and thrive in their future colleges and careers.

Resilience doesn’t imply an absence of mistakes or pain, but rather the fortitude to persevere in tough times.  Esports, like traditional sports, offers an avenue to instill resilience in students by fostering determination amidst adversity.  

College & Career Readiness With Video Game Design

STEM Careers are Booming!  In-demand & lucrative, all STEM Career Pathways provide excellent opportunities for students.  Students in Game Design programs are exposed to a variety of topics when creating a complete game:  2D Design, 3D modeling, project management, animation, digital literacy & programming.  

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It all starts with a discussion.  PowerUpEDU wants to offer our experience, expertise, and partner relationships to guide you to a successful esports implementation or enrichment of your existing program.  Whether you already have an esports program or are starting from scratch,  We can help!


5 Key Parts to the Solution



Installation Services

Professional Learning

Learning Experiences

PC, Desk, Chair, Headphones, Keyboard, Controllers, Mouse, etc.
League Management Software, Games Streaming Platforms
Lab Design, Cable Management, Infrastructure
♦ Virtual Instructors Integrating Esports Learning Experiences [See Note Below]
♦ STEM/STEAM-Based Game Design & Development [See note below]

♦ In addition to a robust hardware offering, PowerUpEDU offers the educational support to maximize learning in Esports environments. Our turnkey solution offers virtual instructors that can plug into classrooms, computer labs, online courses, or after school programs to bring subject matter expertise and coaching into any school. These instructors guide students through game design and/or Esports learning experiences, elevating the learning of all students.

Our Esports Partners

PowerUpEDU partners with educational institutions that share our passion for making a difference by advancing student achievement.  These partners provide the technology, peripherals & league structure needed for a highly successful esports program.  

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                    • Desired space and design of esports lab
                    • Necessary hardware, software and accessories
                    • Cable Management and Infrastructure
                    • Gaming Peripherals
                    • Costs

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