At PowerUpEDU, we partner with educational institutions to amplify early literacy learning with the goal of helping every child grow as a reader.

America has a national reading crisis.
Only 37% of our nation’s 4th and 8th graders are proficient in reading.  Unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, there have been no measurable improvements.

PowerUpEDU targets phonological awareness and phonemic development using augmented reality.  Letters, sounds, words, and concepts of print come to life with advanced augmented reality technology and standards-based lessons that can be facilitated by any teacher.   

Backed by data that supports the development of comprehension skills and metacognitive awareness, this instructional resource has a measurable impact on young readers.  The literacy concepts are all taught within a science context, allowing students to build background knowledge while supporting literacy development.  

Independent Research Highlights

90-Day study with students using Letters alive 

  •  48% increase in letter naming fluency.
  • 112% increase in letter sound fluency.
  • Classroom management problems decreased.
  • Students’ attention span increased