SAM Labs Kits

Discover the fun of STEAM and coding in your classroom!

Maker and STEAM Course Kit Bundles. Curriculum-aligned courses in STEAM and coding, empower teachers to prepare a generation of computational thinkers. These kits and courses provide a comprehensive teaching and learning suite, utilize lesson content, software and hardware to give students a hands-on, minds-on experience.

Why is this Solution Different? The wireless hardware blocks and the intuitive, easy-to-use app unite the physical and digital to make learning visible. Students can code the behavior of blocks in any way they can imagine, making complex creations in minutes.

Why use SAM Labs?

Standards-aligned lesson content
  • Increases teacher confidence
  • Eases teacher workload
  • Covers curriculum objectives
  • Enables real-world application
  • Fosters student confidence, encouraging collaboration
  • Increases student engagement and interest
  • Enables stronger cross-curricular connections
  • Enables creativity and critical thinking

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STEAM Course

Comprehensive teacher and student resources, scaffolded and differentiated with opportunities for formative assessment. The SAM Space app enables students to program Bluetooth blocks, conduct experiments, build prototypes and test their designs in order to cement subject knowledge in STEAM and computational thinking.

Features and benefits of the STEAM Course:

  • 100% aligned to K-5 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), emphasizing a cross-curricular approach.
  • Built-in opportunities for students to evidence and reflect on learning.
  • Visual, interactive, and guided lesson content, providing a clear structure for every lesson.

Learn to Code Course

Students across K4-8 join our explorer on their journey through Cyberspace. Using the SAM Blockly app, students program systems, utilizing their computational thiking skills to help overcome obstacles and solve problems.

Features and benefits of the Learn to Code Course:

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  • 100% aligned to K4-8 CSTA Computer Science standards.
  • Demystifies coding, providing teachers with everything they need for each lesson.
  • Each lesson progresses from theory, to practical application, to refection, with a clear three-part structure: Learn -> Do-> Reflec

SAM Labs Kits come in many available sizes, bundles and options. Contact PowerUpEDU today to determine which kit is the right solution for your classroom! 888.517.3824 or

  • STEAM Course Kit – Classroom size
  • STEAM Course Kit – Team size
  • STEAM Course Kit – Alpha size
  • Learn to Code Course Kit – Classroom size
  • Maker Kit
  • Maker and STEAM Course Kit Bundle – Classroom size

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