Marty the Robot

A Real Programmable Robot With Character!

Extensive Knowledge Base & Lesson Plans Available!

Bring STEM to Life with Marty the Robot!

Marty is a fully programmable, WiFi-enabled walking robot for kids, makers and educators.  Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun, challenging and engaging process.  Acting as a gateway into computer science and design technology, Marty empowers students through inventive learning, engaging the child’s creativity and promoting their STEM skills.

Students can get started programming Marty using the block-based language Scratch, and more advanced students can use Pythong, Javascript or even C++.

Marty is designed to be customizable with 3D printed parts, and is also completely upgradeable.  Marty is even compatible with single board computers like the Raspberry Pi!

The Education pack comes with a Marty, all the equipment you need for set-up at school, access to Lesson Plans and video support.  Loads of FREE lesson plans are also available for Marty suitable for ages from 7 – 14, as well as fun activities that can be used with older students. 

Marty the Robot V2 – The Walking, Dancing, Coding Companion!

Version 2 Marty makes learning about robotics and coding fun and engaging.  Build your Marty, program in languages from simple blocks in Scratch to Python and beyond; learn about sensors, and expand your robot.

Version 2 Marty has lots of new & improved features!  Contact PowerUpEDU to learn more!

  • Unique Movements
  • Interactive Sensors
  • Coding for All Abilities
  • Expand and Customize


Resources - Click Below to Download a Free Flyer.

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Marty the Robot Lesson Plans