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Distance/Hybrid Learning

Swivl for Hybrid Classrooms

Distance/Hybrid Learning in Fall 2020

The upcoming school year is clearly going to consist of varied learning environments depending on the state, district or region.  While scenarios vary with face-to-face, hybrid, or 100% remote learning, it is clear that teacher coaching will become pivotal in achieving academic success  Students will require much more support, and teachers will be expected to broaden student learning outside of the classroom.  Flipped and blended learning models will enable teachers to leverage video and other technologies to serve their students’ varying needs. 

Live Stream Using Swivl

Live Stream using Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or more while Swivl video tracks you.

Hybrid Learning Classroom Audio Options

Give remote students the opportunity to interact with their in-class peers.

Set up a Web Recording

Record video using the front camera on your laptop.



How Can You Use Video in Your School or Classroom?

Flipped Classroom

Accommodate all learning styles
Lower the barriers to trying out this innovative new teaching technique. You can simply deliver lessons the way you always have on whiteboards and slides and turn them into sharable, measurable learning content.

Teacher Observations/Coaching

Improve teacher effectiveness and enhance their professional development efforts by enabling skill sharing with administrators and mentors.  Scroll below to see a product that optimally utilizes this aspect of video to drive teacher growth.  Insight ADVANCE

Lesson Sharing with Students and Teachers

Empower students to take ownership of their education. Sharing lectures and lessons with students allows them to consume and review the lessons at the pace they are most comfortable with. Allow teachers to share teaching techniques and best practices.

Professional Development

Improve the effectiveness of professional development by increasing the regularity of review and feedback by mentors and administrators. Teacher directed, regular video of the class turns PD into a collaboration.

Student Projects

There is no better way to learn skills than to see and hear yourself. Provide students with a low-anxiety path to start using video to capture presentations, collaboration, and skills for learning new things.

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What is Swivl?

Swivl is a complete video learning solution – an inexpensive mobile accessory (Swivl Robot) used to track your movement, app (Swivl Capture) and cloud hosting service (Swivl Cloud) – that enables you to capture and share videos from anywhere, at anytime. What’s more, Swivl allows you to utilize the technology you already own, such as tablets and smartphones, making it easy to create enriched multimedia videos. You can then share them on our private and secure hosting service, where you always retain the rights to your content.



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The C Series Robot incorporates years of customer feedback from tens of thousands of educators. It’s our most powerful, easy-to-use and fastest solution yet. New & Improved Features Include:

  • Pro Quality Audio
  • Multi-Marker Capability(Connect up to 4 markers)
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Lightning iOS Interface
  • Improved Marker Controls
  • Ease of Use
  • Extended Battery Life
  • One Year Pro Cloud Subscription

*Ask about the “Classroom Audio” Hidden Feature with the C-Series Robot! You can broadcast a teacher’s voice anywhere in the classroom so that every student can hear.

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Live Video Streaming is NOW AVAILABLE with Swivl! Swivl Live helps deliver an unparalleled live streaming experience! Swivl’s tracking and superior audio capabilities can now be incorporated into your favorite live video streaming apps, such as Skype or Zoom. Through video, both live and recorded, Swivl helps to create contextual feedback and better collaboration, which leads to transformational teachers. Teachers, coaches, administrators, and students no longer have to miss out on important moments as they happen.

Here are some ways to utilize Swivl Live to best enhance your classroom!

  • In-Ear Coaching. A coach can see a complete view of the classroom and a teacher’s interactions with students real-time as they are occurring.
  • Live Listen. See how a class or event is running without adding the disruption of a physical observer in the room.
  • Remote Learning. Homebound students can remotely attend and participate in any class or event.
  • Distance Learning. Broadcast any lecture or event to the world. Bring in a guest speaker to your classroom. Attend all staff meetings and gatherings.


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Audio Enhancement has over 40 years of proven success in the education environment with distributed audio.  In addition to improving hearing in the classroom, Audio Enhancement expanded its success story with safety, teacher development and school-wide communication.  Read more below about how its Integrated Education Solutions provide a truly effective classroom.

Integrated Classroom Solutions (PDF)

New and Improved for 2019!

VIEWPath is a complete solution for professional development that is now simpler than ever to record, reflect and collaborate on your lessons.  ViewPath allows high quality feedback from peer review and video recordings.  Additionally, it can pair your classroom lesson recordings with your desktop, capturing the complete lecture, and provides the following benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Professional development 
  • Digital content creation
  • Effective collaboration

A Learning platform placed permanently in the classroom designed to help teachers evaluate performance, engagement and content. Athletes carefully analyze recordings of previous games to improve performance. They can then adjust strategies for better results. Cameras in the classroom, such as those used with VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window), give teachers the tools to do the same with every lesson.

VIEWpath is a professional development platform designed to help improve teacher quality across the district. Educators use it to analyze performance, engagement and lesson content. VIEWpath allows teachers to record, store and share lessons to make lesson delivery more effective, discussions more collaborative and student interaction more engaging. The result? Student and teacher success.


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