Classroom Sound and Safety

PowerUpEDU invites you to learn how these solutions can provide an extra layer of safety for your school, classrooms and more importantly — the people in them. The SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication.

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Sound, Video & Security from a Single Provider

Classroom Audio:  Speak – Distribute – Hear

All students deserve to hear their teacher despite where they’re sitting, and NOW they can!  Four evenly distributed speakers allow the teacher’s voice to be clearly heard when spoken into the wearable microphone.  A handheld student microphone also allows students to be heard.  Research demonstrates that adding a sound system to the classroom can impact learning and improve test scores by 7-10%.

Distributing audio during classroom lessons helps to capture student attention and on-task learning.


Providing an audio solution for students involves them in the lesson and provides a simple way for them to interact with the teacher and lesson content.


Integrated audio solutions help with classroom management, fewer discipline issues and less stress for teachers and students overall.

With solutions to distribute sound and provide hands-free instruction, Audio Enhancement’s Audio Solutions give classrooms and teachers a robust system that can be customized to fit specific needs.

Audio Solutions

XD Solo

Experience Boundless Learning! The complete, wireless sound system using the XD Teacher Mic. Same high-quality audio you’ve come to expect from Audio Enhancement! Your classroom can now truly go anywhere- even outdoors!

  • Built-in rechargeable battery enables learning wherever you desire.
  • Incorporated Bluetooth and auxiliary input plays music from any device.
  • Voice priority automatically lowers media volume when someone speaks into the microphone

GL – 300

Make the GL-300 amplifier a part of your classroom integration from the beginning. The amplifier connects easily with many devices for quick installation. The compact size of this amplifier fits ideally in ceilings, plenum rated enclosures, or cabinetry. The classroom system connects with our revolutionary XC Teacher Microphone and allows for crystal-clear audio to be heard in a variety of classroom environments. The plenum rated GL-300 has been UL certified to be safe and offers the following benefits:

  • In-class audio including multimedia and microphones will mute during paging
  • Installed out-of-sight in the ceiling, enclosures, or cabinetry
  • Connects easily with other devices for quick installation
  • Compatible with IR and XD technologies


Classroom in a Box 

Complete Classroom System

Classroom in a Box offers all the benefits of an audio system packaged in a convenient, easy-to-install
box. All contents are configured and programmed beforehand. Simply mount the pre-assembled
enclosure in your ceiling, provide power, connect a few wires, and you have a fully-functional
Classroom Audio System in minutes.
Classroom in a Box comes standard with: AV Touch Wall Control Panel, AV Connect(see p. 41), XD
Receiver, Flat Ceiling Speaker, XD Teacher Microphone, XD Handheld Microphone & your choice of
Classroom in a Box gives you the flexibility to choose(4 Options to choose from) the tools needed for your classrooms. An optional
upgrade of the EDUCam360 Classroom Camera would provide your classroom with safety features, self-reflection, peer review, and
much more.


A New Kind of Handheld Microphone

The Mic360 is the perfect tool to add some fun interaction to your classroom audio system.  Encourage students to actively participate in classroom discussions while ensuring that every student can be heard.  At just 8 inches in diameter and 1.2 pounds, the Mic360 allows teachers to easily manage classroom discussions using the “talking stick” method.  Works with the XD Teacher Microphone.




New for 2019!  BEAM

BEAM is designed to work seamlessly with our award-winning classroom audio microphones.  BEAM is a speaker with an integrated  amplifier/receiver and Bluetooth capabilities for use with interactive panels.


  • An all-in-one audio solution for voice amplification.  Perfect for interactive panels.
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker for enhanced multimedia playback
  • Designed with flexible installation on interactive displays, walls, and tabletops

Classroom Security

Because every second counts for student safety


Students need a safe learning environment. SAFE System (Security Alert for Education) has given thousands of students and teachers peace-of-mind by offering the following benefits:

  • Just-in-Time Communication – Classroom audio tools help teachers discreetly notify the right people at the right time of a potential incident or accident.
  • Stream Audio and Video for Incident Management – Live audio and video feeds(cameras are optional) can help keep teachers and students safe, as well as provide for prevention, mitigation, and incident reporting.
  • Simplify Integration and Budgeting – One integrated solution offers classroom audio, video, and safety, streamlining front office and classroom notifications.

Equip Teachers to Keep Students Safe

With one solution to alert, record and monitor situations, the SAFE System provides a streamlined system to prevent incidents, respond appropriately to live issues, and provide recorded videos for incident investigations.

Alert ~ Record ~ Monitor

With one solution to alert, record and monitor situations, the SAFE System provides a streamlined system to prevent incidents, respond appropriately to live issues, and provide recorded videos for incident investigations.

Alert with discreet buttons within the classroom audio system help teachers transmit a silent signal for immediate response or incident recording.  Record and monitor real-time incidents with optional cameras to collect important information for reporting.  Monitor through streaming audio and video feeds to provide critical situation information to protect staff and students.

Every teacher and student deserves a secure school that is prepared for anything. The SAFE System makes that possible. Contact PowerUpEDU TODAY to learn more! 888.517.3824

Classroom Communications

 Because flexibility is key to managing campus communications


EPIC (Education Paging & Intercom Communications) System is a reliable schoolwide paging system that maximizes administrator’s ability to provide direction to everyone on campus. EPIC System gives administrative staff control of bells, paging, intercom and alert notification systems throughout the school. The EPIC System Console includes a Touchscreen Monitor with all the necessary tools for managing school wide communication.

  • Paging Zones, Intercom. Organize classrooms, hallways, outdoor areas, and other spaces into paging zones.  Each paging zone is assigned a unique extension. Administrators tap a zone extension to communicate to individual spaces or paging zones.
  • Bell Schedule. Create and assign custom bells for a variety of zones to the events calendar by means of a web browser. EPIC System uses any MP3 or WAV audio files for bells, allowing administrators to customize the sounds and tones.
  • Emergency Notifications and SAFE Alerts. Administrators can pre-record emergency instructions to play when a threat or emergency situation arises, e.g. communicate lockdown instructions or evacuation directions. Teacher Microphones come equipped with buttons to send discreet alerts to the EPIC System console when incidents arise.
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