Classroom Safety

Because every second counts for student safety

Students need a safe learning environment.  SAFE System (Security Alert for Education) has given thousands of students and teachers peace-of-mind by offering the following benefits:

  •  Just-in-Time Communication – Classroom audio tools help teachers discreetly notify the right people at the right time of a potential incident or accident.
  • Stream Audio and Video for Incident Management – Live audio and video feeds (cameras are optional) can help keep teachers and students safe, as well as provide for prevention, mitigation, and incident reporting.
  • Simplify Integration and Budgeting – One integrated solution offers classroom audio, video, and safety, streamlining front office and classroom notifications.

Equip Teachers to Keep Students Safe

With one solution to alert, record and monitor situations, the SAFE System provides a streamlined system to prevent incidents, respond appropriately to live issues, and provide recorded videos for incident investigations.


How SAFE System works

With one solution to send alerts, monitor situations and log event details, SAFE System provides a streamlined solution to provide the appropriate response, manage incidents, and keep a log of event details.



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Teacher Microphone.  In addition to distributing a teacher’s voice, this wireless microphone can be used to initiate a silent alert signal.

Network Connection.  Alerts transmit via a network interface.  All networked devices are managed by the EPIC Appliance.

Monitoring Station.  Sound an alert, flashes, ad displays critical location information.  First responders also receive SMS text messages and emails with incident information and links to the event management user interface.