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West Rowan Elementary, NC

Inspiring Spaces Energize
Learning Environments

Our innovative furniture creates spaces that promote student engagement and creative thinking while reflecting a school’s culture.  Created by education market experts, these award-winning designs are flexible and adaptable incorporating mobile and collaborative features that support the 21st Century school and Learning concepts.  Our design philosophy is built around the new generation of student and faculty, and the technology-driven, collaborative learning environments that they require to be successful.  Whether furnishing the classroom, media center, or cafeteria, we can provide the ability to create flexible, functional, and fun learning environments.  

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Images show early learning, elementary & middle school classrooms; makerspace-suitable classrooms, media centers & cafeteria configurations.  

All of our furnishings are scalable and adaptable allowing you to create personalized solutions that perfectly suit your specifications and needs.

MiEN Company provides an extensive line of furnishings for schools and classrooms with numerous variations and combinations of elements.  To learn more and discuss customizing a configuration for your school, contact PowerUpEDU at 888.517.3824, ext. 1 or