ClassFlow is a revolutionary cloud-based teaching and learning platform that makes lesson planning easier and lesson delivery more dynamic.

Product Overview

ClassFlow™ is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based application that enables teachers to easily create lessons and deliver interactive content across multiple devices, while also assessing student understanding and dynamically responding to their specific needs.

  • Foster student engagement by connecting mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to classroom displays and interactive whiteboards.
  • Use real-time student responses to instantly adjust any lesson in the moment of learning.
  • Build and access interactive lesson plans using a web browser.

ClassFlow helps teachers to quickly and easily create interactive lessons that bring together the technology in their classrooms, such as interactive whiteboards, tablets, and laptops. ClassFlow has two available downloadable apps (ClassFlow Teacher and ClassFlow Student) to support dynamic lesson delivery and content sharing across connected devices in the classroom.

ClassFlow Desktop

Easily deliver interactive, multimedia lessons using ClassFlow Desktop, designed exclusively for use with Promethean Interactive Displays.  Designed by Teachers for Teachers, ClassFlow Desktop utilized an easy-to-use interface, works both off-line and on-line, supports popular lesson file formats and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  • Create, open, and present interactive lessons and activities
  • Draw and annotate over content and images
  • Launch the instant whiteboard for freestyle writing and drawing
  • Snapshot screen, save, and share
  • Engage students with instand polls and quizzes
  • Foster collaboration and self-management skills with FREE ClassFlow student accounts
  • Promote parental engagement with the FREE ClassFlow Moments App
  • Recognize outstanding student behavior by awarding digital badges





ClassFlow at a Glance


Andrea K. Tolley
Microsoft IT Educator
Greeneville Middle School (TN)

Using technology in the classroom is one of my essential practices for keeping students engaged. Because it provides hands-on experiences, technology helps students become active in the learning process. One of my favorite tools for giving students a stake in their learning is ClassFlow. My students even beg to use it because they love it.
Students engage with the lesson because their voices are heard through contributions they make on their own devices. As a teacher, this eliminates the old pick-and-choose method. Now, every student participates when you ask a question and, as a bonus, you receive data on every student. I found even reluctant learners gain confidence in contributing.


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