Charging Carts and More!

The Classroom Environment

Complete your classroom culture with high-functioning & stylish technology furnishings.

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   All CEF furnishings are manufactured in NC.

Tablet/Small Laptop Charging Cart – LC Series

Most Devices Up to 16 inches. Front Device Access/Rear Power Access

Ideal For:

  • Chromebooks up to 16″
  • Laptops up to 16″
  • MacBooks
  • Tablets
  • iPad/iPad-mini
  • Dell Venue 8 & 11 (w/’ULP’ option)
  • Kindle/Nook
  • LearnPad (w/’ULP’ option)


Easy access to surge protected outlets

OPTIONAL AC adapter brick storage trays (BT) (select if devices have a separate AC adapter power brick supply)

Extra storage space inside (or on door) to mount WAP







Tablet/Chromebook/Laptop Charging – LC Series

Most Devices up to 15 inches. Offers 16, 24, & 32 slots.

Ideal For:

  • Chromebooks (15″ and smaller)
  • Laptops (15″ and smaller)
  • Netbooks
  • Tablets (including iPads)

*Check device dimensions with power cord attached to assure fit.


Cart sizes available to accommodate 16, 24 & 32 devices.





The Multi-Maker Cart


Our compact, feature rich multi-maker cart has a small footprint with a big impact. The MM cart can be used as a presentation cart, a great addition to your makerspace room, or a charging and storage solution for a classroom or media center. Let us help you organize so you can teach and make!

Optional External Shelves. Standing or sitting height, One or both sides!





The Dry Erase Tilt Table

Encourage. Create. Display.

Show and tell will never be the same with our dry erase tilt table! By giving students the freedom to write, draw or solve problems on a dry erase surface, it cultivates creativity and encourages students to become more confident in their work. The tilt feature of this table is an added bonus for teachers and students, serving as a great way to display student work or to instruct from!


Standing height for Pre-K-2 Sitting height for all other grades!

Offered in the following sizes: 30″W x 48″L x 29″H, 30″W x 60″L x 29″H, 30″W x 71″L x 29″H