Video Interactive Education Window

The VIEWpath System is a complete solution for the blended learning challenges now faced in classrooms across America.  With VIEWpath, it’s simpler than ever to record, reflect, collaborate, and deliver your lessons to students.  With VIEWpath Live, you can bring homebound students into the classroom discussion.

Recording lessons with VIEWpath is simple thanks to an intuitive user interface.  Lessons are easily recorded from your installed classroom camera, mobile app, portable system, and your own webcam.


Remote & Blended Learning

Remove boundaries with Remote Learning.  Learning in not alwasy isloated to the classroom VIEWpath enhances remote learning by making it easy to Create, Manage, and Deliver video content to students outside the classroom.  VIEWpath is an intuitive platform designed to help teachers enhance instruction through personal video. 

  • Multiple recording options

  • One-click upload

  • Collections group content

  • Metadata for quick search

  • Downloadable recordings

  • Embed code to add to LMS

VIEWpath is a complete solution for professional development that is now simpler than ever to record, reflect, and collaborate on your lessons; allowing for high quality feedback from peer review and video recordings.  Additionally, it can pair your classroom lesson recordings with your desktop, capturing the complete lecture, and provides the following benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Professional development
  • Digital content creation
  • Effective collaboration

Record teachable moments and collaboration for review later with the EduCam350 classroom camera.



Store recorded lessons and media on a dedicated server for anytime, anywere access to content.  



Share access to recorded lessons and media to selected students, parents, coaches or administrators.