Aligned to ELA Standards.

Boost Your Student Outcomes

Independent Evidence-Based Research Proves It!
In a 90-Day study with students using Letters alive results included:

  • 48% increase in letter naming fluency.
    This was a 2x gain over non‑users.
  • 112% increase in letter sound fluency.
    This was a 4x gain over non‑users.

classroom alive

The Magical, Zoo-Themed
Learning Experience

For Pre-K and Kindergarten
Also for at risk, intervention, ELL and special needs

Classrooms Alive


Learning alive

Learning alive Zoo Keeper Edition


Supplemental Reading, Writing, and Math
Classroom Suite

Math alive

Math alive Plus


Supplemental Math Classroom Kit

Letters alive

Learning alive zookeeper kit


Supplemental Reading and Writing
Classroom Kit

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