Next Generation of Interactive Floors

Our Brain's Favorite Way of Learning.
Kids of All Ages
Learn and Develop Intellectually, Physically & Socially
Access to 1600+ Learning Games
Content for Math, Language Arts & Science or Create Your Own

Ideal for the Classroom, Media Center or STEM Lab

ActiveFloor Turns Any Floor into an Interactive Play Surface, Powered by Educational Games and Activities

Make Learning Fun!

Kids of all ages can learn and develop intellectually, physically, and socially by using the whole body.  With an interactive floor, students get an equal approach to auditive, visual, and kinetic learning.  The Interactive Floor works best when multiple people play together, in a classroom, auditorium or a shared playing area.  ActiveFloor helps further social skills, improve teamwork, and form a creative learning environment. 

The Interactive Floor’s software is connected to a library of games that is updated continuously with improvements, new games and game templates.  With ActiveFloor’s Online Platform, you have access to 1600+ games, or you can create your own.  When you work with movement and gamification, you catch the students’ attention in a whole new way!  

How the interactive floor solution works

When you buy our interactive floor solution, we will install and assemble it for you.  

The Interactive Floor consists of three main elements:

  1. A ceiling-mounted installation box with a projector and a computer.

  2. A Kinect-camera that tracks movement.

  3. A white vinyl floor that makes up the foundation of your interactive playing area. 

The ActiveFloor PRO 2 Solution consists of a ceiling-mounted projector, a computer, a motion-detecting camera, an installation box and a vinyl floor.  The PRO 2 solution has a bigger floor in terms of physical size and is the ideal solution for schools, libraries and for before-and after-school care facilities.  (Ceiling height minimum:  9’3″ – Maximum:  11’6″)

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