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Coming Summer 2024! New & Improved 3D Printers

Robo E4 Compact 3D Printer

Robo E4 Pro Professional grade 3D Printer

Primary & Middle

8.7″ x 8.7″ x 8.7″ build space

Middle & Secondary

10″ x 11″ 12″ build space

New Features

                      • Faster printing speed
                      • Larger build capacity
                      • Smaller footprint
                      • Flexible, heated build plate
                      • Auto Shut-Off
                      • Auto-Calibration

Included with every Robo 3D Printer purchase:

  • Starter Plan license to *MySTEMKits.  K-12 Integrated
    • *Choose up to 5 kits from a library of over 250 ready-to-3D print models and over 450 standards-driven lesson plans and design challenges!
  • 3D printable STEM curriculum with over 450+ lessons and design
  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • 2-hour online training
  • Spare Parts pack
  • 500g roll of material (filament)

Standards-Driven STEAM Curriculum, Virtual STEM Kits, and 3D-Print Library

Why MyStemKits?

Over 350 standards-driven lesson plans using 3D printing, robotics, sensors, and virtual simulations to teach STEM in the classroom.

A tool is only as good as its uses.  MySTEMKits has assembled all the resources you need to use your MimioSTEM solutions successfully and effectively in your classrooms. 

Included in each project:

  •  10+ page lesson plan

  • Student assessments

  • Standards alignments

  • 3D print files & assembly instructions

  • Teacher guide

  • Student activities and handouts

  • 350+ Lesson Plans and engineering Design Challenges spanning STEM-related topics with a Math and Science focus.

  • Standards-driven curriculum developed by a leading research university aligned to NGSS, Common Core, and State Standards in every lesson.

  • Compatible with over 75+ different 3D printers and various sensor brands.  Use this content with your existing STEM tools in any learning environment.

  • Teachers can browse content by product, subject, and/or grade level.

Already Have a 3D Printer?...... Are You Using It???

Many types of 3D Printers are listed as compatible with MySTEMKits STEAM Curriculum & 3D-Print Library!  So, bring that 3D Printer back out of the closet and put it to work in your classroom today! 

Click Below to Learn More & Find Out if Your 3D Printer works with MySTEMKits.

Engineering Design Process Pathway

One of 10 Pathways in the Woz ED K12 STEM Career Pathways Curriculum

Students develop engineering skills in the3 K-12 setting through the combination of coding and building.  This foundation is built upon in the intermediate and middle grades with 3D modeling software and printer use to explore engineering challenges.


Robo’s 3D printers are built for educators with an easy-to-use interface compatibility with Google Chromebooks and Apple iPads and are complemented by an extensive range of STEM lesson plans.

3D printing provides learning opportunities at many levels

Elementary / Middle School – By accessing and developing key foundational skill sets through Robo 3D printers, students begin to understand important lessons about trial and error, problem-solving, patience and time management for a wide range of projects. 

Secondary / High School – Students at this level gain an edge as early adopters of 3D printing – providing them with newfound creative skills that translate to career success for future jobs within the fields of science, technology, engineering, design, mathematics and manufacturing.

University / Trade School – Once in the midst of establishing their careers within the STEM-related fields, Robo 3D printers provide students the ability to learn in a more hands-on way, further elevating critical thinking and analysis in a concept’s/project’s “design-cycle:”, while giving them a fullly tactile means to create the solutions they seek in real time.  


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