“Power Up” Classroom Collaboration

Complimentary Spring Webinar Series

Collaboration is a key component of the “5 C’s of an Innovative Classroom Environment”, per Roger W. Davis.  PowerUpEDU is offering educators the opportunity to engage in a series of webinars that will transform your classroom into a more “Collaborative Culture”.  Offering a series of 5 Trending Technologies and Software applications, you will be allowed to select a date and time to best accommodate your schedule.  This Complimentary Webinar Series is being conducted by experienced trainers with years of both technology and classroom experience.

To attend your desired webinar, click on the link below to be connected to a zoom session. Should you need assistance or have questions, contact Gail Lambert at 888.517.3824, ext. 106 or gail@powerupedu.com

Webinar Schedule

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Date Time Session Link
Thurs Mar 2112:00 pmClassVR Overview
Tues Mar 2612:00 pmAccessibility & MSFThttps://zoom.us/j/836559430
Thurs April 44:00 pmClassVR Overviewhttps://zoom.us/j/422909834
Tues April 94:00 pmLabdisc Overview
Thurs April 1812:00 pmClassroom Collaboration with
Teams & OneNote

Tues April 2312:00 pmSwivl – Uses
Thurs May 24:00 pmAccessibility & MSFT
Tues May 74:00 pmClassroom Collaboration with
Teams & OneNote

Thurs May 1612:00 pmLabdisc Overview

Presentation Title: Using Swivl Video to Improve Instruction and Personalize Learning

Presentation Description: Discover opportunities to reflect on instruction and create engaging content for students by using video. Video is a powerful tool in education from self-reflection, to collaboration and creativity. Educators are continuing looking for ways to improve their teaching methods, many relying on feedback from observers or their own perceptions, but how do we capture all the moments in the classroom? The solution is video. Participants will be able to experience the entire Swivl solution: capturing video, sharing, editing, providing feedback, and analytics of video content. Join the Swivl revolution! 


Presentation Title: Get out of the BOX! Using ClassVR to Enhance Classroom Instruction

Presentation Description: Ready to take your students across the globe? Or how about empower your kids to go back in time and share amazing historical information? Mixed Reality experiences can radically transform your teaching and learning. Virtual and Augmented Reality applications in Education are rapidly evolving, and are also a rich context for Project-Based and Blended Learning environments. Using ClassVR discover ways to integrate this new technology into classrooms and engage your students.


Presentation Title: Make STEM science relevant, and fun! easily capture data using the mobile data logger Labdisc

Presentation Description: Students most effectively acquire and retain information when it reflects the reality they experience outside the classroom, allowing them to make cognitive connections that last. Using a mobile data logger like Labdisc to ensure mobility, science experiments can be performed anywhere, as a means to solve every day challenges. Teachers will be shown how easy, fun and flexible this data logger can be for project-based, collaborative learning and where to find all the curriculum resources available.


Presentation Title: Let’s Team Up! Modern Classroom Collaboration with MSFT Teams & OneNote

Presentation Description: Collaboration skills ranks high on the lists of 21st Century requirements in schools and business.  Students are doing more collaborative and creative work than ever before. Finding new ways to communicate means using tools that effectively connect us, even when we’re not in the classroom together. Learn how with Teams, OneNote Class Notebook, and Office 365, however, collaboration can happen.

Accessibility in Office:

Presentation Title: On the Outside Looking and Listening In: Accessibility in the Digital World

Presentation Description: Our mission is to empower ALL teachers and students to achieve more. The classroom is no different. Today, students are using low- and hi-tech assistive technology to access digital resources and applications. Learn how using technology helps to increase their independence and provides choices and opportunities for success. Microsoft Windows and applications like Microsoft Office, along with other technologies, offer features that make computers easier to use and help meet the needs of diverse learners. Learn how Windows 10 and MSFT Office can help personalize learning for all students, improving reading comprehension and student focus.