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PowerUpEDU, in partnership with visionary district and school leadership, is transforming educational spaces into amazing learning environments equipped with highly functional furnishings, New Technology, and a strong pedagogical approach that support active and Innovative Learning.


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About Us

PowerUpEDU, is an Award-Winning Education Solutions provider for classrooms in the southeast. Based in Georgia, with offices in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, PowerUpEDU creates collaborative learning environments that engage students, empower teachers and effectively bridge the gap between teaching and technology.

PowerUpEDU facilitates dynamic instructional practices through the integration of cutting-edge technology, pedagogy and professional learning, to provide optimal instruction in any learning environment that promotes academic achievement.

PowerUpEDU Professional Learning Specialists and most Education Consultants have extensive experience in the classroom and in various school and district leadership roles.  Additionally, PowerUpEDU partners with educational institutions which share the goal of helping every student reach his or her maximum potential. 

PowerUpEDU focuses on five core practices:  Classroom Displays, STEM/STEAM Instruction and Curriculum, Early Childhood Literacy, Esports and Professional Learning.   Offering a robust selection of solutions, PowerUpEDU also provides the consultative resources, technical services and ongoing support to make your technology implementation efficient and cost-effective. 

We are truly your local one-stop shop for making a difference in student achievement!