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Whole Group Instruction

Front of the Classroom or whole class instruction solutions allow teachers to present a lesson to the whole class at one time.

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Personalized Instruction

One-to-One or Personalized Instruction solutions allows teachers to customize and present lessons to students on individualized student needs.

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Wireless Classroom Solutions

Classroom Wireless and Software Solutions Technology in the classroom certainly helps attain our goals to improve education and simplify teaching.  But, coordinating and sharing content among multiple devices, all under the control of the classroom teacher, is a daunting task.  …

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Professional Development

Great teachers produce great students! Effective Professional Development and Coaching provides the pedagogical training to equip educators to deliver high performance results for today’s tech savvy students. PowerUpEDU programs would realize the true potential of your technology investment.

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Classroom Sound, Safety & Video

Coaching, Observation, Flipped Learning, Lesson Sharing & much more is possible using video in the classroom!

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STEAM Instruction & Curriculum

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics. STEAM programs integrate the subjects in an inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum that more closely aligns with what ­students will experience in college and the workforce.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

Arthur Ashe

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Who We Are

We are educators, parents of students, and business people with a passion and a purpose. We are all aware of the classroom protocol of teachers asking students to power down phones and devices at the start of class. Outside of the classroom, students live in a “Powered Up” digital World. Why should their world inside the classroom be any different? We PowerUp the classroom, teachers and students. In this digital era, we provide the relevant technological tools and Professional Development that Motivate your students to Engage and Learn.

PowerUpEDU, a Georgia-based company, is passionate about education and is focused on the support of students and the teachers that teach them. We have been engaged with districts and schools of all sizes nationwide, large districts with over 100K students, as well as small to midsize districts and schools. We have found a true partnership with many small-mid size districts or schools that have the same needs as the large districts, but have been overlooked by vendors. We are rewarded by the difference we make when partnering with these small & midsize districts and schools.

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What We Do

Focused on the education market, delivering solutions and coaching that reduce the teacher’s cognitive overload, thereby giving them more time to teach. We want to help bridge the gap between technology and instruction within the district or school. While we do not believe a classroom should be defined as four walls, our efforts will remain focused on four key areas:

  • Professional Development and Coaching
  • Whole Group Instruction and Learning
  • Personalized Instruction and Learning
  • The Connected Classroom
  • Classroom Sound and Video
  • STEAM Instruction and Curriculum

We are passionate about making the learning environment fun through the use of interactive technology, helping engage the students and creating life-long learners. While we may never see the end results of what our efforts accomplish for a teacher or student, we know that if we can help teachers motivate and engage their students through the use of technology and pedagogical approach, we can make learning engaging and fun! Great things will happen for the life-long learners!


This is how

How We Do It

PowerUp EDU simplifies the classroom by creating learning environments that improve the teachers’ ability to motivate & engage learners, teach more effectively while minimizing effort, thus improving student engagement, motivation, retention and learning.

PowerUp EDU is a One Stop Shop for professional development & effective integration of technology into cohesive solutions for today’s classroom.

PowerUp EDU help teachers gain insights through coaching & professional development that enable them to more effectively leverage current and emerging technologies in the classroom.

PowerUp EDU can assist your school or district with all interactive technology needs and all necessary professional development, coaching, and training. We can assist your school at any stage of the process, starting with a free hour of needs’ assessment, working collaboratively to create an interactive technology plan, and providing long term training, service, and follow-up.

PowerUp EDU is committed to the end goal of improving education through a collaborative working relationship with administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

Our Services

What we really can provide

Want Different Results? Be Different

For today’s students, we must maintain their interest, instill curiosity, demonstrate flexibility and create excitement!  We must help learners be resourceful so they will continue to learn outside the formal school day.  PowerUpEDU provides the resources, solutions, professional development and services along with ongoing support to accomplish all this and more.  Our expertise and unique approach can empower learners and educators to deliver an integrated, inspired and engaged classroom that improves student performance.

PowerUpEDU can help teachers motivate and engage their students through the use of technology and pedagogical approach to make learning fun!

What we can do for you – Consulting, Hardware/Software Sourcing, PD/Training, Installation and Equipment, Maintenance, Repair, Field Tech Services, Replacements, and Integration Services

Alabama – Arkansas – Florida – Georgia – Mississippi – North Carolina

South Carolina – Tennessee – Virginia

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So many uses for video in the classroom! Contact @powerupedu for a personal demonstration! 888.517.3824 or info@powerupedu.com twitter.com/EngagingTech/s…

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