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About Us

We’re a SOLUTIONS Provider focused on making a difference in education. We PowerUp the classroom, teachers and students by providing cutting-edge technology and Professional Development that Motivate your students to Engage and Learn.

PowerUpEDU, a Georgia-based company (with offices in Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina), is passionate about education and focused on the support of students and the teachers that teach them.

PowerUpEDU creates learning environments that empower teachers and students with solutions and coaching that dramatically improves student performance.  PowerUpEDU helps teachers motivate and engage their students through technology and pedagogical approach and make learning fun!

PowerUpEDU connects technology and instruction, by providing the resources, solutions, professional development, services and ongoing support.   Our expertise and unique approach can empower learners and educators to create an integrated, inspired and engaged classroom that improves student performance.

PowerUpEDU liberates your classroom by reducing the teachers’ cognitive overload and stress and increasing the opportunities for Student Achievement.   A liberated classroom provides teachers with the ability to teach more effectively while minimizing effort; thus, improving student engagement, motivation, retention and learning.