Classroom Sound

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Providing distributed sound solutions for classrooms helps students hear the lesson from anywhere in the room. Research demonstrates that adding a sound system to the classroom can impact learning and improve test scores by 7-10%.*

  • Distributing audio during classroom lessons helps to capture student attention and on-task learning.
  • Providing an audio solution for students involves them in the lesson and provides a simple way for them to interact with the teacher and lesson content.
  • Integrated audio solutions help with classroom management, fewer discipline issues and less stress for teachers and students overall.

With solutions to distribute sound and provide hands-free instruction, Audio Enhancement’s Audio Solutions give classrooms and teachers a robust system that can be customized to fit specific needs.

The custom-engineered SoloSolution, a lightweight portable multimedia sound system provides high-quality and   evenly distributed sound throughout the room and employs interference-free infrared technology.





The Audio Enhancement Achiever Classroom System has the power of Panasonic audio technology, to bring value and high performance to the Achiever-20W-Pal-System-New-Mics-14-inchenhanced classroom.  Two simultaneous infrared microphones keep instructors’ voices continuously at optimal levels, while the revolutionary new patented remote control feature allows the teacher to control the volume of the student microphone and his or her own microphone.


Classroom Security

The SAFE System is an alert notification system designed to work with Audio Enhancement’s classroom systems.  Using the built-in alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant microphone can discreetly send a signal for help.  An entire network is alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to the situation.  The SAFE System consists of a receiver/amplifier unit, teardrop microphone, Monitoring Station, and either a Network Adapter or a security camera.  It can be customized to process alert notifications according to each specific school district policy.  Please call for system design, custom configuration and pricing.




Be heard, clearly, be understood, fully.  One picture may be worth a thousand words to a class, but it’s even better if students can actually hear the instructor’s words.  Compact, powerful, high-fidelity sound.  SoundLite, and SoundLite 30W, are the BOXLIGHT answer for presentation sound. They produce astonishingly clear audio, yet are small and easy to install, almost anywhere.

SoundLite combines a 2 x10W dual channel Class D amplifier system with two high efciency, full range “echo tube” speakers (for superb clarity even at peak power). SoundLite30W generates 15 watts per channel.

The SoundLite 30W is a digital wireless speaker system combining two high efficiency, full range 15W speakers with a dual channel 30W class D amp and wireless hand held microphone/transmitter.

Unique “Two Hook” Conguration.  SoundLite can also be split in half and mounted on the wall, or positioned anywhere else that’s convenient.